1. I’ve been pulled twice in my last 11k miles I’ve done on my bike. Once for dodgy nuber plate, second time for speeding. I know most of you are speeding very often and I was just unlucky I had a cooper sitting with laser gun on the side of the road. I understand speeding is not right and doing this I’m breaking the law. But I’m not going to live boring live and stick all the time to the limits when I know that I capable of going faster, usually not putting anyone else in danger.

  2. Thank you for all postive/negative inputs for all my posts on this forum.

  3. BCR - as recently discussed I made some problems for all of you and I state now I won’t be attending it anymore. Group riding is not for me as I sometimes put others in danger. I’m very sorry for all bad things I’ve done.

  4. Please don’t make me a criminal when I got caught doing 72 in 40 zone. I know some of you could go straight to jail for speeds you do on the roads. I know some of you got points on your licences. If you want me fell bad, you achived that.

  5. I won’t be posting on this forum anymore. Will be still visiting and reading as got few friends here. Will be answering pm’s only.

  6. I love LB community but attention I got recently and all negative input just put me off… I understand I made these posts on my own but didn’t expect such a big criticism. I did few things bad way but I’m only human. We all do worng things.

  7. I didn’t make this post to get answers how many spelling mistake I made, I’m foreign and you can’t just change it. I drive in UK on Polish driving licence and I do it because I can. There is no law against it.

  8. Can’t think about the rest now, too late at night and I’m naked after lovely day. If I missed sth you will probably comment it anyway.

Have fun all on LB!

Over and out.



Don’t ‘flounce’ mate it doesn’t suit you…

and …err…in case you were not aware don’t go out for a ride tonite…it’s an offence to ride naked…

you don’t want three strikes in a week now do you?:wink:

Porkscratchin (23/06/2008)

thats a real gem…lol;)…

arnie…mate…please dont stop posting on the forum just because things have gotten a little bit tense.i think your a top lad that would do anything for anybody and i’ll be the first one to put his hand up and say i do silly speeds with silly cans thinking silly things;).

your contribution on and off the boards are well appreciated and would be greatly missed if you were to stop.your right about having a few friends on here…and as a friend i urge you to reconsider…:).

if you would like to discuss this matter via pm im always available…as are all the mods on here…so please…take a deep breath…relax and think about all the plus things about this community and and weigh up the odds…

hope to catch up with you soon mate…


you must tie your self to a post naked at BMM then we will for give you!!!

only joking mate

i have no idea what the fug is going on!! :hehe:

and remember speed does not kill crappy driving/riding does…


You were one of the first LB crew that said hello to me, for me it brightens the ride knowing you are on it.

I have never seen you ride badly and I have had plates in the wrong place and speed (too often if anything). The thing is I dont think you’re dangerous, as far as I can tell the only dangerous riders are those trying to push themselves beyond the capabilities. On the BCR on sunday it was a pleasure to watch you ride (cruise) along at the pointy end with ease, you didn’t put anybody in danger.

I on the other hand probably got over excited and pushy, I am a bit competitive sometimes which is why I don’t often ride in big groups. When you get riders who try to hard and are quick in a straight line then hold everybody up in corners (the fun bit as far as most are concerned) this causes a problem and you do not by any means do that.

Wouldn’t be the same with out you so, chin up lad and Fug others, it’s times like this you know who ya mates are.

As for your spelling/grammar, I see worse everyday from so called English people, lets see them write/speak Polish, lets see them endure the hardships the Polish suffered after WW2 and lets see them adventure to another country at a young age and make a life.

Hope to see you Wednesday at BMM and if not remember you are always welcome to come riding with us in the SW.

Arnie if you are going to give up this easily then you might as well give up riding.

Take the good and the bad point people have put and use it to your advantage, work with let something good come out of it. If you need help with anything let me know since i’m a fairly new rider i’ll be doing every thing by the book.

You are a top guy honey. It will be sad not to see you on the BCR apart from sneaky you were one of the guy that made me feel really welcome

+1 on all the comments above


Don’t be such a fuggin tart!

Have you thought that maybe people are having a pop at you because they care about you?

We have recently buried a valued member of LB and don’t want to do it again any time soon mate.

The thing I about the black visor for instance. You have been told 3 times about wearing it at night but still you do it.

As Sneaky said on another post. There are consequences for everyones actions and some of us have been around bikes long enough to have seen those consequences.

Be a man, learn from your experiences and keep posting ya nutter;)

Fuggin heck…c’mon Arnie you can’t do it to us…give us humour and entertainment then snatch it all away and disapear i for one would miss the silliness you bring to L.b:D:w00t::hehe:

Arnie if you quit then im not going to be able to let you take the 1098 out am i…think about it chap.

Seriously take the comments from people on here lightly we are all trying to make you a safer rider and if we didn’t like you then we would just encourage you to do more stupid stuff.

Sit back take a deep breath and get back to doing what you love and thats taking the **** out of people, its what you do. Oh and i havn’t let you off the video of me at BM yet;)


dont quit LB, please…your a good mate arnie, i dont wanna see you leave LB or the BCR.

infact… fug it!! i got the right fuggin hump now, all his over someone getting pulled…fuggin stoopid.

we all ride, we all do things we shouldnt at times.

Got to agree with Chunky - I think that people (for the most part) have posted comments because they do care for yours (and others) safety…its constructive critisism from bikers who genuinely care…

Wouldn’t let it put you off LB, take the advice onboard and have a rest and come back tomorrow (or today as it is!)


+1, dont take it too hard Arnie :slight_smile:

Take it like a man you big mincer…:wink:

+1 what Chunky said, we only nag because we care.

And remember

Arnie, we’ve never met other than reading post on LB and I’ve enjoyed your posts. I’d hate to think you’d given up posting simply because of criticism from LB’ers – as a discussion forum this is one of the best, but we are all different and all have our own opinions and some people express them better than others.

Some opinions on here or replies to my posts have absolute gob-smacked me and others are so petty they are not worth reading, but I breathe deeply and move on.

Come back fellah and continue fighting your corner.

As for spilling, English is my first language and I have problums! :w00t:

hey Arnie i dont really know you that well but from what ive seen you seem like a nice chap. Please dont take these comments to heart. This is the thing with open forums, people are free to say what they feel. LB has always been a very supportive forum, and you will really find over time to take things with a pinch of salt.

please reconsider you thought of leaving.:slight_smile:

as for being naked, have you got any pics?:w00t::smiley:

Arnie, you big girls blouse ! ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Like anything else in life, take what you want and leave the rest. Internet forums are terrible places, don’t take anything on here seriously. If I’d taken to heart every criticism and bad comment made about me I’d never use t’interweb again :slight_smile:

Hi Arnie

I too agree with the above, especially that “you are a real honey”:wink: Your a gr8 bloke that I’d consider a friend. I certainly want to see you on both LB and The BCR. I also want to see you make it to old age and with all your limbs and facalties! An “Arnie RIP” thread is not what I want to see on LB.

You relayed to me something that the plod you did your Bike safe with advised you “look for oportunties, not chances”? I rode to work this morning with this on my mind. Good advice, I took it on board and I’ll use it in my riding plan. Its that easy.:kiss:

Oi,you stop this bleating!! You’ve been unlucky in getting pulled twice(in hindsight perhaps you should’nt have posted the fact!!).You’ll notice its in town though,its about controlling it in town where you’ll find Traffic Police looking for the easy speeding hits(YOU!!)

Save the "progressive " stuff for the right places at the right time.!!! You good looking bas**rd you(not jealous at all) See you soon

yeah - what he said :w00t::wink:

also you’re easy on the eye so I don’t think you or your porn should be going anywhere for the time being tiger :smooooth: