Arnie has a new job !

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Busters have a new website and it’s pretty clear what Arnie has been upto the last few weeks, he’s got himself a job as their on-line advisor ! :smiley:

Have a look here:

I still work in porn so feel free to ask me for free tickets when you will be chatting to me online :smiley:

Arnie you paid THIS weeks ticket yet, and when you do ask them for a Direct Debit form. :slight_smile:

That really could be Arnie! Not sure if he has blues eyes though :ermm:

And he’s got his letter printed in The Riders Digest about Polish bikers,he’s so busy.Luckily he got stopped by a nice Policeman last week:D,not one of those nasty traffic ones!!!

he he thanks Broady for not giving me one but there was already somone else after you who fined me again :smiley:

I wish you had a camera, his face must have been a picture! :smiley:

You couldn’t see my face coz as you all know I always wear a dark visor but I was pi$$ed off being pulled agian :slight_smile:

You know what to do about it you plumb ! :wink: At this rate you’ll have to treat the A406 as your track day, it’s costing you more than brands Hatch would at this rate ! :smiley:

I treat it as track from the begining :smiley: If you imagine cars on the lanes being apex of the corners it’s quity twisty :smiley: Haven’t managed to put my knee down on a406 tho :pinch: