Armoured Jeans

Afternoon all ,

have been looking for some armoured jeans and was looking for opinions if poss.

With the warmer weather coming and hoping to not have to wear two layers !

I see three main brands , the Hood ones having extra armour in the hips as well as knees look good.

They all the same price i think.

Thanks in advance ,

My brother has Hood ones and really likes them…

I bought Draggin’ and like them…

But I would probably try Hood next time for the included armour.

Was a pain getting the knee armour in the draggins’ and I bought tougher Knox armour, which is quite rigid and not too comfortable.


Thx fella ,

dont Hood use the Knox Armour as well ?

got some redroute with armour in knees included for 99 at London MCN

imo the dragins look abit 80s?

I have the Draggin classics. Only had them for a couple of weeks, but so far I am pleased with them. I got the Knox armour that velcros to the kevlar weave, and it’s not too bad - a little tricky to get positioned perfectly, but I am sure with a few wears that’ll get easier.

I have Hood jeans and yes, the armour is Knox. No complaints at all about them and they are quite comfortable.

Possibly…but I bought Knox Air X upgrade and it has a harder outer shell than some of their other stuff…you live and learn…:wink:

I’ve got a pair of red route ultimate rider. very comfortable. and J&S have them at £87 in store due to 20% off everything, should be £109.

Dependant on your size check the wanted/sale section. EddieH had a pair for sale :stuck_out_tongue:

hi im aftter a pair of armoured jeans too, are they very good at resisting the wind? ive been finding that my balls have been getting very cold due to the wind! its not nice!

Many brands only have the kevlar in about 1/3 of the garment - knees, sides of thighs etc. You will probably find that they are no more wind-resistant around the privates than any normal thick jeans. Wear an extra pair of wolly knickers. :slight_smile:

Cant comment on cold balls as i dont have any :stuck_out_tongue:

I find them pretty good , though in the chilly days we have been having I dont go out without my cold killers underneath

If armours connected to the jeans (you can move it about) it will slide away on contact, unless the force is head on with the armour. Dragins kevlar is brilliant for stopping road rash, but dont have any armour and would move about anyway.Knox, body armour :cool: Can strap to your knees, elbows, chest, back, shoulders etc, football shin pads in your sox…All this saved my life. And wear what you want over it :wink:

Apart from the odd hot summers day, I don’t get the appeal behind them. Can somebody, anybody tell me please?

I have a pair of Draggin’s.
The military grade knitted Kevlar is apparently better than woven Kevlar in some other brands.

I wear some Dainese armoured tights underneath, although the Forcefield Pro Pants or limb tubes would be good, or the skate/ football armour Terry suggested.
No sense wearing just the Kevlar though.

the forcefield stuff is great, really comfy and easy to move in and fit well under most kevlar jeans

Never catch me in jeans :w00t:

Garret read my reply again :smiley: I said knox body armour :wink:

The attraction for me is that when you get to where you are going it is far more compfortable to be wearing a pair of jeans than it is to spend the day, especially a hot day, wearing thick heavy armoured bike gear. Of course they don’t offer all the protection provided by more conventional gear, but they offer a suitable compromise for some. They are certainly better than not wearing any protection at all.