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Armour problem

So I have some goretex Hein Gericke textile trousers and jacket. The knee armour is in the wrong place.
Popped to Hill4Leather. He was very helpful but as its a faff because of the linings and membrane, he’s after £84 to move the pocket. I’m not inclined to go elsewhere as he seems to be the go to for bike gear.
Forcefield make armoured base layers but they’re about £100.
Or strap on knee armour for like £25, reckon I’d tire of that daily.
Or just buy some trousers that fit?

Of all the things you suggested, with the amounts there, this feels like the best option.

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Knee armour or the base layer armour is the safest option, as the protection stays in place better than pocket armour. But… For ease of use armour fitted inside the clothing is good as it’s always in the gear.

If a long commute or ride the latter shouldn’t be an issue, if only a 30min commute it would be a faff putting on and off each time IMO

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An hour 20 it takes me these days, all the 20mph roads slow me down as I have ahem a few points.
So like these?

These seem over priced