Armed Forces Day 2010 Meet - Pre-planning

OK, yes it’s really far in advance, but I like to be planned and prepped well ahead of time. More room to manouver if things go wrong!As mentioned in a thread a short while ago, I reckon it’s a good idea to sort out a big weekend meet to celebrate Armed Forces day next year, which just happens to fall on a weekend (26th - 27th June 2010). Now, I’m willing to put some of it together, organise some of the stuff etc, but as a newb, and a new one at that, I felt it wise to include the wider community (after all, that’s what we are, right!).

So what I was thinking is a simple meet-up at a predetermined location (if I’ll be leading it, somewhere near me like Newlands Corner or Box Hill), ride out as a big ging-gang-gooly to a massive field where we’ll drink, make merry, celebrate, have some music and camp out overnight. Next morning, we wake up, do a bit of a flag-raising ceremony possibly with some Army cadets/TA/Regs present, maybe have a short service of rememberance using a bike as the altar (anybody got a Goldwing?), and then see if there are any official celebbrations taking part. If so, go and watch them, pack up the campsite, say goodbyes and head for home.

How does that sound? Decent weekend out?

What I’m looking for, as suggestions will be:

  • Locations for the campsite (preferrably somewhere you can reach from Newlands Corner in a day)
  • Anything special to do (I may be able to wangle a visit from the Royal Artillery with their tanks. Maybe.)
  • What (if any) entertainment we should have
  • Weather we should have a shelter/central storage for bikes (big marquee garage type thing)

If you have any other suggestions, or would like to help me plan this all (PLEASE!), then post here or PM me. Or indeed, if you have a better place to host it (I just know Surrey pretty well) and would be willing to lead the rideout, post here too! All suggestions/help/criticism welcome!

sounds like a good idea, was in southend this year and they didnt have a lot going on, shame that weekend will class with trip to France im planning but will be with you in spirit.

Will probably sort a run to St. Nazaire or somewhere like that to pay respects that weekend as will be in the region, good luck with it mate hope it comes off. :slight_smile:

oh how about tying up with the Army museum round bovingdon way see if they got anything planned and would they fancy a bunch of Lbers desending on them, you could sort collection or summat for the help for heroes charity