armchair internet users

That’s nothing man. I did a high chair stoppie all the way down Holloway Road last night on my way to smash my tidy bird’s back doors in. She’s well fit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I googled internet warrior and came up with this.

Dunno why, but I thought you’ll like to see it.

I joined in 2006 have a post count of 60 :ermm: and have met no-one on here.

Unemployed ATM so post count is getting quite high :stuck_out_tongue:

we have had quite a few on them come and go over the years, still a few about PLUS a few new ones

it can’t be moto king, he went to the tea hut once, and all the girls fainted and then he did a 4 mile wheelie on his fireblade/ducati/supermoto and then he outrun the police whilst riding backwards and then… ah f*** it, it’s just as boring when I type it as it is when he does…

its the internet experts that annoy me , sit here telling everyone how to do something instead of going out and doing it .

like ’ i know all about pest control '…but cant stop a pesky wasp from buzzing about annoying people !!!

(light blue touchpaper and stand well back)


Oi shut it bilko or i’ll shove that rubber baton where the sun dont shine :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:



oh yeh well ive got a ‘waspinator’

Enlighten me I don’t know who it is?! I’ve fallen for RC’s trap and he’s got me! So c’mon who is it??!!

Some of us came, went and came again.

Edit: acksherly, the new site is a bit like Hotel California “You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave”. I’ve been on here for days and need me bed. Where’s the logout button? Please?

well, I do keep spraying her with my “special stuff” but she just calls me a dirty perv:blush:

this really was’ent aimed at anyone in general:Whistling: but love how people feel the need to justify themselves, whilst those that DONT POST REPLIES look guilty as feck

its something me and fat allen was talking bout:D

:blush: :sick:

Oh man!! You should have seen me last night… I was doing like 15 mph around this really gentle curve in the road and I like totally lent the bike over about 5 degrees and people clapped and I was like “Whooooah”

I’m still buzzing off the adrenalin!!

U nutter lol :laugh:

You were, like, so totally Rossi last night dude. Thumbs up for mad skillz :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sitting in an armchair right now and am using the internet.

Am I now one of 'em? :blink: :unsure:

I would imagine the basic criteria for being a “London Biker” is that you (a) live in or have some kind of link to London, including having lived or worked here at some point, and (b) either own, ride, or have an interest in motorcycles. I would say (a) is less important than (b).

So I would classify an “armchair” user as someone who has absolutely no interest in bikes at all.

I think the only person who meets that description that I am aware of posting on this forum is the person who came on here a couple of years ago complaining about the noise of an LB summer party!

Other than him, I think we’re all bona fide members, as far as I can tell at any rate.

If you upset enough people on a hunting forum will they come round to your house and shoot you?

No because its like an animal farm,lots of rural charm u get me yeah :hehe:

you should come to no harm on an animal farm mate