armchair internet users

although wasp has been on here for donkey’s years, Im a relativly new visitor, just getting back into bikes (thanks roadrunner) anyhow, before this (and still am) Ive been a moderator on a hunting forum, one thing that was noticable was armchair hunters, people that always had a comment to make on other peoples posts, yet very rarely did they ever post pictures of themselves on hunting trips,or turn up at meets etc.

is this a cross that all forums have to bare, as Ive seen a few posters here, that enjoy putting their five bob’s worth into posts, yet Ive never met them in the flesh at either BM, blackheath, the ace, or even organised rides

are they real bike owners, or armchair bikers:Whistling:

let the games begin:D

you will always get the armchair xyz folks in any forum, no matter what type of community.

But, as it goes, don’t feed the trolls (them, not you, lol)

i’ve been on here since 06, met many many members and rode with most, dont think i qualify as an armchair bker :smiley:

dont really come to meets these days, busy with other things in life :slight_smile:

PJ…please ban this member:Whistling:

if you are on an armchair forum…what do you call them ?

i’ve been on here since 07, still not made 500 posts, maybe i’m out on the bike too much ?

Yeah man I’ve got a bike

I was like doing a wheelie down the Embankment the other night at 150mph. Plod were chasing me but I was too quick for them. I’ve got one of those number plates that don’t show up on speed camera photo’s innit cos I’m well bad

I am an armchair internet user but on the bike I prefer a saddle :slight_smile:

Why would anyone want to join a bike forum & discuss bikes if they didn’t ride?

I haven’t made it to a ride/meet yet though

sofa users?

if they post, but you don’t see them could just mean they ride with other people?

or they leave early :wink:

mine is high i know, i used to be Mac Operator, workign nights you get bored…lol

i met you and wasp at the LB trackday, so i’m a real one :smiley:

can i have an opinion now?

The thing is that LB has a global audience, but in reality I would say that most people are within 50 miles of the centre of London. That is a large area. Some people only ride for fun, others only commute, some only ride on their own others only in groups with certain friends.

There are a lot of people who are still active and yet never ride, and those who ride and never post.

errrrrm, how long you been riding? in years please… :hehe: :laugh:

I am so suprised that none of you have fell in yet as to who this post is a dig at…:Whistling:
Hubby never told me he was posting this but even i guessed straight away…:smiley:

Come on Wasp who is it? :Whistling:

  1. all weather rider, including weekends. enough? :smiley:

moto-king must be ranking pretty high up there closely followed by the road captain but i’m sure some of us may have met their true life alter egos

I’ve never even ridden a motorbike - I doubt I could anyway as I weigh 45 stone and am unable to leave my flat unaided.

The avatar isn’t me - I nicked it off the internets.

I can’t leave my reinforced bed let alone sit in an armchair and am kept alive by social services.