So last rode the bike on 24th, and managed to lose my new iPhone 6S AND my wallet out of my pocket on the M1. Just went to garage to clean the bike, and removed a massive screw from the rear tyre. New one on order. :frowning:

What’s your shittiest trip?

Flipping my bike and realising all the crash bungs and engine casings didn’t save diddly squat has got to rank up there somewhere .

Was out with a mate of mine summer last year and he lost his wallet aswell…oh and a mate manage to lose his phone and run it over a number of times whilst roundabout surfing couple of years back…

Sliding my bike down the road when I was only shooting to the shops to pick up my dinner!! That was an expensive take out…

Had a CBT before Christmas where it was pishing it down, I got a puncture and had to pillion the student back, before borrowing a bike and setting out into the rain. Then my radio went. Just everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. I got finished at 7 having been at work since 8, then had to wait on the recovery truck. By the time I was recovered, bike dropped at the OMC, and then Stuart at home, it was 11pm. 

Going to France on good Friday a couple of years back, got to the check in for the ferry only to find they had gone on strike. While we were all hanging around waiting to find out what was going on another biker there pointed out a fecking huge screw in my rear tyre. The seemed to be holding pressure so I pootled round trying to get a crossing sorted to get at least in to France to get the tyre sorted, but nope not a hope in hell without paying huge amounts of money. Finally managed to get a crossing booked for the next day only for the heavens to open massively. Luckily I know a few people in that area so managed to get a bed for the night. Up early the next morning managed to get the tyre replaced and get to the ferry just in time. However I was due at a party that evening so motored down arrived straight at the party drenched once again. Finished off the day by getting plastered and sleeping on the floor of the village hall they were having the party in :smiley:

Quit a few years ago, I was pillion with the then bf heading down to Cornwall to meet his dad for the first time. Somewhere along the m5, the zip on my rucksack came open and I lost my phone and really quite expensive Oakley sunglasses. Luckily, my wallet was in my jacket pocket, so I didn’t lose everything.

The next morning at his dad’s, I was woken up by a swearing, extremely p’ed off bf as his cbr that he’d only had for a few weeks had been nicked from outside of the house. A bit of a pain, as we were supposed to be heading on to see my relatives, but at least he had recovery and was fully insured, right?

Umm, no…

After much bullshitting and trying to avoid my questions, it turned out that he wasn’t actually insured. So my loving bf had knowingly put me at risk by being totally illegal. But that wasn’t the worst of it - he wasn’t insured because he had bought the bike cheap as it had been ‘stolen’ as part of an insurance scam!!! What a - insert suitable swear words here. That’s got to be about the worst way of finding out about someone’s true character and the worst bike trip I’ve ever had.

Did you end it with him Janey? Some ladies like bad boys…

I did. Eventually. Once I realised that him being a complete tosser wasn’t actually the same as being “exciting” :fearful:


Worst ride so far was a nail in rear tyre which i had to fix asap. I know, nothing really tragic…

Ha… Seems we all have shit luck sometimes eh? I’ve had worse, like last year crashing during the race an Anglesey, getting knocked out and air ambulanced… And realising I couldn’t drive the van back!

Incidentally, had a stroke of luck, local shop (Moores Motorcycles, Apsley) did a repair in an hour yesterday instead of selling me the new tyre I’d asked for, so the Blade is back on the road for tomorrow’s (probably soggy) commute. Happy days!

Not as bad as some of the stories on here but a few years ago I was on a ride out in Kent. It was towards the end of the Autumn and probably going to be my last ride of the year. Just before the lunch stop I was behind the leader and having a blast, remembering why I do this and getting all giddy about biking in general. We pulled into H’s café for lunch and afterwards we were all raring to get back on the road, me in particular. I got kitted up and was about to set off when a biker who just pulled up next to me advised that my rear tyre was flat.

Turns out on the way into the café I rode over a nail attached to a plastic clip (one for holding cables to skirting). Thankfully there was a Honda Dealer next to the café who said they could look at the tyre. So everyone else rode off into the distance covered by blazing sunshine and I waited for them to get a look at the bike. “No worries,” I thought. I’ll be out of here in 15 minutes and can catch the others up. I’m all set.

So 2 hours went by sitting in the hot sun in leathers and they finally got a look at it. Turns out the tyre was cactus due to where it had been punctured, however, they had a new one they could fit and the price was fine considering my predicament. So they sorted that out and in another 45 minutes I was back on the road. However, in the time that had elapsed the weather had changed and so I spent the next hour and a half riding home in the rain in my one piece waterproof over suit. Well the day started well I suppose.

Ooh we’ve had a few. Top 3…

  1. Burning a hole in the back of my pannier as I hadn’t quite fixed them on properly after lunch. Realised at the top of a mountain in the Pyrenees. Thank god for ductape!

  2. Throwing a hire bike down the road (wet corner - stupid Claire) whilst my bike was going through an insurance claim!

  3. Almost missing the Eurostar on our German tour. Bike was packed, cleaned and ready night before - so in infinite wisdom decided to turn her on ‘just to check’. All fine. Next morning, get ready to go, turn her on… Won’t fire. Who knew Honda’s have a tendency to flood. Queue RAC, much delay and faff, late crossing in to Europe… And then the heavens opened. Jay was basically on slicks as someone had vandalised the GS so he had to go on the RSV4. Needless to say we had to change our hotels on the road as at 6pm weren’t even half way to our destination! That was a BAD days riding.

have you bought those givi panniers yet?

I once lost my alarm fob after putting it in a hoodie pocket instead of round my neck and it subsequently blew out the pocket at speed. We stopped at a roundabout for some fun, MILES from home, turn off the ignition, alarm arms and at that exact moment I realise I’ve lost the fob, so the bike is immobilized. Doh. Had to wait for hours for recovery to come and collect me, then we ripped the alarm out the next day!

@me_groovy nope…got a house to buy first :slight_smile: But thoughts are turning quickly to where we will tour this year… :smiley: