arghhhh!!! Need help

any one got any ideas what to do?? i just tried taking my fairing off but to no sucess so put it back together, but now have no [power except the alarm whatsoever!!! any one available to help??

errr…so wait…you took the faring off…Was everything well before you took it off?
If everything was ok, but only the alarm is working, check you haven’t knocked the battery terminals…your alarm should have a backup battery, so it will keep working. If you have to take the seat off to take off the faring, you might have bashed your battery putting it back on.
If you battery is ok, check your fuses, if you knocked some wiring, and it shorted, then a fuse might have blown.

problem solved, battery’s screwed needs a replacement 1 :frowning:

You should have a happy face if thats all it is - get one fitted - get to Norfolk :wink:

yea it seems ok now left it alone for 20 mins n its starting every time :ermm: so norfolk here i come