Arghh nooo!

I knew it was too good to be true, a free 32gb iPhone 3gs! From my friend as he upgraded…

It was all going so amazing!!

Until this morning, thing got soaked in my pocket on the motorway. Now the screen backlight is not working, and the ear speaker.
What should I do?? Silica gel?

Any tips,

I’m in tears and I want to smash stuff!

Bowl of rice will draw the moisture out

The rice trick does work! And stick it in the airing cupboard.


Worked for me - pls don’t ask how my iPhone got water damaged :blush:

Use some airtight food container and cover with rice. Change the rice every day and don’t turn it on for at least 3 or 4 days.

ok I won’t… but how did you damage your iphone with water? :smiley:

The Toilet Drop is the most common. Pull trousers down, phone in back pocket… >_<

Will do when I get home, that won’t be for a few hours though, think i’ll be ok?

you need to get the battery out immediately really

you can’t do that with iphones can you?

Wack it in the Microwave for 30secs sorted. :smiley:

way better than the iphone lighting app XD

Had exactly the same thing on my iphone only just last weekend. I was in cork got caught in a downpour of rain. I kept it in the airing cupboard for three days, it still wouldn’t turn on. Then I plugged it into a power supply and it flashed on to say the battery was dead and it was charging. After a good charge it was working perfectly again.