Right, so I got my new socket set - up to 32 mm which works for the rear axle.
And I got my new breaker bar - 1/2 to match the socket set I just bought.

BUT my Torque Wrench is a S0DDING 3/8’s incher.

So either I go and buy a £50 Torque wrench for the one job that needs my big socket set…

OR - Someone on here that lives in London who owns a Torque Wrench with a half inch head lends it to me…

Anyone out there, near Streatham, South London… who can help? PLEASE!
This is doin my head in.

well tobe your not havin the best of luck are you…you can get an adapter for the socket i live near dartford could lend you the gear if needs be

Toast was fillin me in on this one.
I didn’t know you could get adaptors.
It just never occurred to me…

oh dear matey…! Don’t stress - there are converters on sale in most harware shops for just such a job and they only cost a couple of quid… in fact some socket sets even come with them… BUT you’ll probably find that the torque wrench you have (Halfords Pro yes?) is the ‘medium’ one and will not go up to the torque setting you need for your rear wheel.

I have the larger one if you want to borrow it.


Arise Sir Doh’by-1-kenobi…

Phew, glad you finally got it sorted, sounded like you were getting a little hot under the collar and I was getting a little concerned you might be considering a kwak attack on something/someone near and dear… Hope you give her a good thrashing later tonight for giving you so much headache…

HAven’t actually got it sorted unfortunately.
As Matt has lovingly pointed out, each step has to slowly progress through my THICK skull before it settles in…

I was literally inches from walking out the door to go find a socket adaptor, when Matt’s message came in saying, “you’ve got the little torque wrnech right?” - We;; its true and the bl00dy thing only goes up to 60nM…for the rear axle I need to go up to 125nM so no adaptor is going to help. I either buy a new torque wrench or have to borrow one every time I need to do some adjustment work…EVIL SCUM SPAWN GITS!

By the way, Thanks Matt, you saved me a wasted journey with that…oh and that site with the adaptors is very cool, but unfortunately now no use.

I’d love to borrow your torque wrench, but can’t get to you to get hold of it. Howard recommened that I don’t ride her any more than necessary right now as when he took a look at my chain there was almost no slack at all…which needs some serious addressing considering I wasn’t even sat on it, when he tested it…Rode home very carefully I can tell you.

Sounds like it’s sorted but Machine Mart (Docklands/Twickenham etc.) do a good Clarke Torque Wrench that’s 1/2" £15 (not £50).


I’ve got mine here for you Toby. See you later?

Been there done that… I bought a draper torque wrench at a show for a good price (I thought). Then bought the adaptor because it was 3/8" while all my sockets are 1/2". Then realised it didn’t go high enough, and ended up buying the correct torque wrench at full price from Halfords. So now I have a small and a medium torque wrench, but will probably have to buy the big one too at some point. Mmmm… tool shopping… and it is my birthday today…

Is that going on tomorrow’s Excel Show shopping list then?

oops double post



I got my 1/2" torque wrench from Argos for £19-99. It goes from 28-210 NMs, but I could do with a smaller one as well. Any ideas where to go as Halfords prices these days take me mick.

Best place I’ve found is Machine Mart

Really good prices compared to Halfords… and generally very good quality.