Torn between emotions, bliss as the last two days traffic hasn’t been too bad, making riding through Central London not the usual constant filtering disaster. I put it down to kids being on hols now and their parents not driving them to work. On the other hand the heat seems to be bringing out the worst in the already bad drivers still out there. 9 mile journey home last night got nearly knocked off three times (all time low), saved by the fact that my slow reactions are faster than those of blind, deaf and stupid road users. What is it that causes bad drivers to be even worse in heat or rain??? Argh!

When its hot u dont thinkn straight i reckon and that coupled with a lack of a/c prob is why…

The heat does bring out the worst in drivers, and riders. Stay sharp guys n girls…

I know just what you mean, Andrea. The A2 was chocca last night due to some so called essential roadworks that have been going on for ages now. I find the only way to get through traffic is to put the high beam on and rev the bike so car drivers are aware of your presence. Or get behind another biker who’s confident through traffic and follow them. Safety in numbers is my motto! pleased you’re OK though.

I know the feeling. Hot weather and rain defo makes car drivers 10 times worse than they are already. I had a few close shaves going home last tuesday about 2.00pm when it was boiling. Its like they drive round with their eyes closed and their mobiles stuck to their f***ing ears - idiots. Glad to hear you made it home unscathed

Ride like you expect to get hit and be pleasently suprised that you are not.

, I like that.

Thanks for your support guys!

Funny thing is my wife gets massivly hacked off with me when she is driving as I still keep my “bike” eyes open and she hates it when I tell her to slow down as I am looking not only at the car in front of us but the other 3 or 4 in front of that. Observation is your biggest pal!! (and not riding beyond your ability).

and girls!