Argh - Damn Tom Tom

I’ve been buying maps and trying to download them ready to go onto my tom tom but now the damn thing has frozen

The screen is lit but blank and I can’t turn it on or off.

Anybody had this happen before?

nah never used a tom tom never intend to use one those things are for people who cant remember or cant read maps

speak to charlie he might know

I’ve never had a tom tom, but I’m sure a microwave has defrost button

Hope this helps

yeah, that’s really helpful - thanks

yeah sounds like it’s crashed - happens to all GPSs - well anything with software! You need to hard reset it - you do this by getting hold of a paper clip and unbending it - open the bottom slot where the SD card goes and put the clip into the small hole - you’ll feel a little button push underneath it - now press and hold the power button for a few moments - repeat as required - all should then be well.


Bottom slot & little button think this should be moved to the adult section

As the guy with the distracting avatar says, stick your thing in the hole, wiggle it arround until you push the button, and all should be joy. As I said in the other thread, PM me for advice, I don’t have a Rider, but have a lot of experience of TomTom devices and software.

Thank you guys - it was driving me crazy

Now you can go out tomorrow

Get rid of it and buy a good road map.

its a bit like you…lights on but nobody at home

ooohhh, that was a good one. But I’m soooooooooooooo gonna get you for that

I had heard from other sites that the tomtom rider has been discontinued; I also heard that the mapping system supplied with it was out of date too, and had to be updated on purchase of the rider…

But then, when I got my Quest and loaded the mapping system on the PC and tried to register, the same thing happened - out of date…

Technology. Drives yer nuts. I bought mine to use with work, to save hauling the pannier full of maps around all the time. And useful it is… So far…

The instructions don’t -seem- to tell you how to reload the ‘updated’ mapping system on the machine, but I could be missing something… (Like a few marbles - there, beat ya to it)

Maybe they assume we all know how to do this - and well all know what is said about assumption being the mother of all **** ups… Keep going, SW - they do work eventually - after about 19 nervous breakdowns

Here is mine:

“Code 347 - totally lost due to incompetence” - name that film…

cheers Toast, I shall keep trying! I’m sure it will be worth it in the end

see they are crap,try finding your way using brain it is must better that looking at a screen telling you where to go,

if you take a wrong turning on a trip then it is more fun to find your way,see some hidden towns,pubs,cafes more fun that way

For me, the tomtom gives me peace of mind. As a woman, I would hate to be lost, on my own and on the bike. I wouldn’t care in the car as I’d feel safer, but the bike is a different matter.

i understand the woman on her own bit,but i cant see the tom tom giving you peace of mind,(dont get that bit)as you still get lost with them,

and you are now more likely to get knocked off your bike looking at it or some trying to steal it

I have to agree with Sherrie, it’s more for safety I couldnt be without mine now.

BUT …I do have zero sense of direction so even with the maps i’d forget what ive just looked at - in fairness don’t most bikers write the route and stick it in the top of your tankbag to look at on the way anyway??