argggg fecking brake pin plug!!

went to clean my brake pads this morning. there is a plug that covers the pin (14) but because:

a) the shop that did my braided lines & pads tightened it up too much and didnt use copper grease (evident from the other side)

b) i havent cleaned the calipers for months so there is grime

i cant get the thing off - even tho i sprayed it with WD40! so I obviously managed to damage the groove? so now the screwdriver cant get a hold.

think a trip to OMC might be needed later on!


Sorry to hear of your woes … I changed the pads on the gixxer lastnight, thankfully it only took 20min. And this was in between making dinner. :stuck_out_tongue:

have you tried hitting a small, sharp screwdriver in with a hammer to get purchase? then just turn it out. those things are pretty soft. take the caliper off if you wanna avoid any possible damage but you should be able to tap it in ok.

yeah thats my next plan… but wanted to cool of first and not make things worse.

Pan just pick up an extractor bit wack it in a drill and slowly turn it out £5

hammer and screwdriver, been there,done that:D

Pan - yeah - I’ve got the same brakes on mine and these little buggers seize in place if they haven’t been copper greased as you say.

All it should take is a centre punch and a hammer. - Put the centre punch at a 45o angle with the punches point in the groove at a position where when you start tapping the punch with a hammer the force will turn the grooved cover thingy anti-clockwise - put some penetrating oil on it and start tapping - it should eventually start turning.

You could try an Impact driver, never fails. :slight_smile:

4 different, perfectly good ways to get it out. only a fool could f*ck it up.

how’d you get on? :stuck_out_tongue:

haha well ive ordered a replacement cap, dont want to remove it and then not have anything to replace it with :wink:

yeah - thats what i did - butchered the original trying to get it off. :slight_smile:

We have, haven’t we? ;):smiley:
As TDJ says…Impact Driver is your friend:cool:

Annoying little bastids those, always used to seize on my Hornet too, whether they were greased or not. Impact driver sorts it in 1 second though, the very reason I now have 1 in my toolkit.

heat gun,impact driver! :slight_smile:

i leave them off my honda… :wink:

The things are actually dual-compound like tyres - the bit that has the thread is made from cast-iron for its ability to corrode into the caliper, the outer layer with the screwdriver slot is contructed from a mix of re-processed cardboard and cucumber so the slightest force b*ggers the slot and you can’t get any purchase on it.On the VTEC I’ve replaced them with stainless ones with an allen key socket, only cost a couple of quid and worth every penny.

interesting… where did you get them from?

Got mine here , look for ‘pad pin grub screw’ (that’s the VTEC page but they’ll have one for whatever model your Hornet is). I’m sure there must be other places too.