Are you?

Watching the program on the old [email protected] driving?

Ffs and they moan about us on bikes, theres a couple who drive, she looks left for him and he looks right, i wouldnot let the old girl direct a shopping trolley

Unbelievable, the whole lot of em, old git 100 yrs old cant get the car off the drive properly and the drive is dead str8.

Showing abiker that some old cvnt has hit, paralised now cos he didnt see him.

Didn’t watch that one, suffered in front of the Whistleblower programme on various meat counters in Tesco and Sainsbury. Some DEAD dodgy practices going on there!

How many people are going veggie now, I wonder?

I really wanted to watch that. I bet I would have been screaming at the TV!!

yer old people are deadly… get this

I’m on the major road old lady to the left on minor road pulls out to go right stops in my lane I stop with my wheel against her door leaving a large brown trail behind me… She then has ago at me for hitting her door and not looking where I’m gonig…

FFS WTF how do these peoples brains work after retirement.

I remember a couple of years back following an old cahp in car. he was going so slowly, like 10 - 15 mph, but the area was too tight and built up to overtake him safely (I was in a car too). then he came to a junction (side road coming in so no markings for him to stop) and once he spotted it he did an emergency stop!! We jsut manaegd to avoid him…

But seriously, how easy do you think it is to give up your indepenance and admit your too old to drive any more… I know they’re a danger but I for one wont find it easy to give up when I get that old…

old people should nt be alowed to drive full stop!!! they cnt see htings they cnt control cars and they drive at 10mph in a 40!!!

I was the victim of an Old B’strd on Saturday night. I pulled up to pick someone up and the silly old sod reversed out of a car park entrance at an angle and clouted my cab…GGGRRRR

I’m off the road til next Tuesday