Are you ******S ready then?

For next Tuesday I mean!

Oh FFS, the fact that t.o.s.s.e.r. isn’t allowed has ruined this thread!

Who set-up the swear filter? Mary ****ing Whitehouse?

Anyway see you next Tuesday! Bring eggs and milk!

Whoops, that’s my fault I think now’s as good a time as any to review the swear filter… And yes, I’m ready as ever!

You can’t even say c.o.c.k.tails


This is the only swearing you should do.

And it should be at the alter of the 675.



Given that I am cyber skiving (well at lunch any way) I am grateful there is a swear filter.

I am more then ready for pancake day, not sure I like the idea of a tossing race though.

Lemon and sugar on mine please YUM!