Are you in need? 2 piece leathers available

Can no longer use my leathers so free to needy home, or make a donation to a worthwhile cause.

I’m 5’10 long leg 12 stone (ish) and long leg - from memory I think they’re a 52 or 54 European size.

Dainese - Black with white devil logo on the back of jacket, small logo on the front of jacket, Dainese logo’d down each thigh, devil logo sliders. Classic stylee.

These are the sort that have trousers that go outside your boots as they have shin protectors that are a bit of a tight fit into race boots. They’re armoured throughout, shoulders, forearms, padded at thigh.

They’re basically sound, all zips work OK - main jacket zip has a key ring as the puller tab broke, I’ve stitched the lining of the right knee. They could do with a bit of TLC and a clean ( see Wasp? ). They are scuffed here and there I’ve had them a few years but never been down the road in them so no crash damage.

Forget postage, too much hassle - you’ll have to collect from sunny Surrey.

PM me and state your case I’d rather they went to someone who needs them rather than someone who just wants them if you get my drift.


If only you were taller and much, much fatter…;):smiley: