Are you free this weekend to rep londonbikers?

Looking for someone who would be willing to represent londonbikers at an event this Friday 11th. Involves riding a press bike to Goodwood Revival (inc admission). Anyone interested, available and is prepared to write/shoot it?

I’d be up for this, my writing style isn’t great though.

I’d probably throw the bike into a hedge before getting to goodwood

What bike ??

And what insurance would we be covered under?

If it’s the new r1 I will do it😁

Thanks me_groovy, have contacted you.

Serrisan - surprising honesty, thank-you.

If Mian cant do it then id be interested

Which Day, Groovy need a buddy?

Damn wish I could. I guess I wouldn’t qualify as I’m guessing you’d have to have your license for over 3 year😁

Update: The event is this Friday, not the weekend, I messed up. Anyone else available?

What times etc?

All day.

(this is why I handle logistics) bahahahahahahah

What time getting thete? Where to get the bike?

Start at 7.30am in Mitcham.

Ill know for sure tomorrow as will check with work

Sorry, too late, I need to know now.

Would love to but Sat/Sun is coffee time for me :frowning:

It’s Friday.

Damn it, new camera too, but too late notice, sorry Jay. Would happily have gone along for you otherwise, done many similar things in the past, but just cant get out this Friday, too much booked in now. :frowning: