Are you a Early Bird or a Night Owl??

For some reason I love riding in the dark!, the cool feel of the air, the dark twisting roads… infact!, I think il go for a ride now! :D:D

Why can’t we choose both? :slight_smile:

I really like night riding…Did about 160 miles one night last year along a twisty route out of Portsmouth.

gotta be early bird for me, i dont see too well in the dark and im scared of it… :wink:

I`m an early bird as some of you know seeing what time in the morning i come on here.

The main advantage of riding at night/very early morning is the lack of traffic + you can spot the rozzers easier + the mobile scameras don’t tend to operate in these hours - consequently you can go bloody fast - the main danger is hitting deers/badgers/foxes at very high speed, or not making a bend, going through a hedge and being found six months later as a skeleton, pinned under your bike. . . :slight_smile:

as I use mine all the time, either is fine with me but as others have said nightime is fun if you have a favourite bit of road as you can see the lights of anything coming the other way plus you can pinch a bit more road than daytime :smiley:

Defo early, stupid cagers like to come straight at me… had 3 on my case on the a40 on the way home… argh!

Blasted down from North Lincolnshire on Sunday morning. Left there at 6am, in London by 9am. 200 miles of great riding, little traffic and some hmmm, exuberant speeds! If I had sliders, I could have been knee down on some beautiful long wide bends. I’m a morning person and don’t like riding at night as I am tired by then.

I am an insomniac…if I’m sobre I’m up for riding…:smiley:

I used to love riding at night until a cat ran through my front wheel whilst bombing round the lanes doing silly speeds:w00t:

Did’nt enjoy that one bit…massive tank slapper then got it under control stopped at the side of the road…car comes along stops and lady driver starts panicking cos i was covered in claret …she thought i’d crashed!:hehe:

Nowadays i love me scoot and i love the wet and kd giving it sideways!:smiley:

Early morning, as you can tell from my posts!

i like m-ways and A-roads at night…

lanes o prefer to ride during he day, early morning…at night lanes can be very very dodgy…vision is not as good, then theres the wildlife to contend with…nah…early mornign is best…no cras…good vision…love it!.

and theres something i liek about being up that early…before everyone else…


Unlit A major roads at night with no traffic on except me. Just a peaceful solitude that I find so relaxing. You feel like the only person on the road.

Again in the summer just as the sun is coming on the same road is also fantastic. Knowing that the roads are deserted and you are seeing the start of a new day. I even nod or wave to the rare car that I see and most times I have had a reply, as if the other person has done the same as me: waking up at 3:30 just to see the sun rise.

Squirrels seem to be the most suicidal animal I come across!, especially riding through Farnborough and always on the same stretch of road. I swear they all sit on a kerb, see me coming then say to each other “it’s your turn” :smiley:

What about if you go to bed around 1am and get up around 6am/