are theses disks bent

hi i brought these discs if ebay the guy wants picture proof these discs are bent can u tell if these are bent by the pictures

Are you saying you bought these off Ebay and want a refund but the seller wants proof?

I don’t think you will prove it by a photo mate.

Is there any way you can make a video? on phone maybe?

Put discs on a sheet of glass or a mirror and show a feeler guage slipping under the warped part maybe?

Difficult one.

Good Luck

cheers chunky im gonna take the disks to jerry a mechanic see if we can test them at his shop i will also try what u siad i think the warp is on the conector plate in the middle

If its the carrier then they need bolting in situ and a Dial Guage putting on them to measure the run out mate:)

Were they expensive mate?

i paid 72quidalso the other discs i brought are also warped they cost me 80quid lesson learnt buy new discs not secoundhand

Mate thats an expensive lesson to learn:doze:

I wish breakers were more honest with their descriptions. I’ve had to buy 3 Right Hand Radiators for my VTR to get one decent one:angry:

I’ve just paid £25 from a breaker for what was described as a good clutch lever and bracket . . . it’s come off a bike that’s been down the road upside down, the lever is worn away on the top side, it’s opened up the bracket so the lever is very wobbly and it’s full of oil and mud, piece of sh*t !

i have put the discs on a glass plate the left disc is ok the right disc is well bent it is the carrier plate maybe i can swap the disc on my bike that bent with the good one we will see

here is the right disc this looks like its the only one that is bent in the middle

I’d say that was evidence enough of there being a problem mate.

Looking at the carrier closely it does look a bit wrinkly doesn’t it? Also the marks left by the bolts are uneven:)

cheers chunky i will email the focker

Your missus will kill you when she sees what you’ve been upto on her chopping board;):D:D:D

I don’t think you can measure it like that, are the pins resting on the glass surface ? The pins can be marginally different heights without the disc performance being affected.

My kwak and gixer discs have a maximum runout of 0.3mm, so if the disc wobbles side to side by more than 0.3mm it’s scrap, or in need of a skim if it’s thick enough. If the carrier or hub of the disc is wobbly then doesn’t that indicate the disc has hit something in the past in a crash ?

The second bunch of pictures show the disc resting on the carrier:cool:

Looks like disc lock damage that has been very badly repaired on that 1 disk.

i took the discs to my mechanic today he had a look at the right disk and pointed out stress marks on it where they had been damaged it was bent on that part of the carrier cheers guys

i put my new discs on now and bleeded the brakes today after putting my new master cylinder on also ive fitted a ciggerate lighter onto my bike to charge my phone and for when i get a satnav:D