Are mushrooms a bit gay ?

Just to clear up any misunderstanding this was not actually a literal question. I may become a covert (to mushrooms) but am curious if I am the only person reluctant to do so…

Crash bungs are helpful in higher speed offs like on a track, but they (as has been said before) extremely beneficial in very low speed spills and drops. How much of your engine casing is exposed, and do you want any of it scratched?People have sworn by them on the forum, I dont like the look of them myself, and havent fitted them to mine, but then when I crash I am going to have a bigger bill…

My bike used to belong to my flat mate. While he still had it we watched as it fell over in the wind.

He added crash bungs when he replaced the pannels. It dosnt take a lot to damage a bike! I dont even notice them on my ‘plastic fantastic’

I fell off my bandit and my fairing had two little panels damaged thats it…the bung took all the load…no damage to engine or anywhere else…It also fell off its side stand broke the rear indicator and that was it too…without the bung there would have been tons more damage…on my R1 I did a whoopsy, tried to turn the wheel too much at walking pace hit the tank and was off…bugger…but with the bungs not a single scratch, not even the lever broken…gotta be dumb not to use them…or a purist…or something…

Mushrooms are great!

They’re magic :wink:

That’s terrible Grim, not even worth a groan let alone a laugh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, both my bikes have R&Gs. I’m definitely not gay, either. Neither are they :stuck_out_tongue: Altho the size of the ones on my CBF is pretty shocking. They’re huuuuuuuuuuuuuge :stuck_out_tongue:

I never knew you was Gay till I saw your Bungs :smiley:

Form follows function.

LOL :w00t:where they bouncing off your chin at the time?:smiley:

Na bouncing off the cheeks of your ar$e :P:D

Bit of a voyeur are you Terry? :wink:

glad my ass is firming up then, they’d have just sunk in in the past :smiley:

Can very much confirm bungs are worth their weight in gold…or £’s…without them my bike would have suffered a lot more than fairing damage and a hole in the casing last week believe me. Im deffo getting some more on the bike as they saved the front of my bike, the swingarm,and levers…bike just spun on them!

So go get em, join us gay and happy people !! :wink: Just look at terrymoto and johnny bravo :w00t: they couldnt be gayer or happier…:smiley:

So go get em, join us gay and happy people !! :wink: Just look at terrymoto and johnny bravo :w00t: they couldnt be gayer or happier…:smiley:
And I dont even have bungs :stuck_out_tongue:

And I dont even have bungs :stuck_out_tongue:
Liar…you dont always walk like that do you? thought you were well “bunged” up !!!:wink:

Thats yet to come love…:w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

gone threw 4 sets of R&G’s…whats so gay lookin about the shrooms?beyond me…

you buy em…it says somthing about you…you love your bike…you want to take care of your bike…you want to nuzzel it…pamper it…squeeze it tight…

ok…ive been up all night…time for some shut eye…

dont be so shallow man…buy the phuckin shrooms !!!

terry moto does walk like a c_unt tho…


never mind he walks like a ****…:w00t: