Are mushrooms a bit gay ?

I am very close to purchasing crash mushrooms for my bike but whilst I FULLY appreciating the advantages of protect my beloved machine, I just can’t help thinking…

Don’t they look a bit gay ?

put them on the bike, and not up your *rse and you’ll be fine :smiley:

they do look a bit gay, but what would you rather pay 100 pounds for mushrooms to protect your bike or anything thing from 125 pounds for a pannel even though i have none on mine my next bike will defentley have them

u mean ur gettin rid of that pile of poo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Technically that wouldn’t be gay - just very odd.

Serious question though - if you aren’t racing around tracks - aren’t you just saying I might drop this…

That coming from personal experience then :stuck_out_tongue:

even a slow speed spill or some numpty knocking your bike over could damage it, Im trying to find some for my bike as whoever had it before me has dropped it and the fairing is scractched. :wink:

I’ve dropped my bike twice nice from almost at a standstill & without the crash bungs I’d have needed new side panels - saved me £100’s!

There’s only two types of bike, those that have been on the deck and those that are gonna hit the deck.

yep, there’s always a chance it might fall over, even from something as lame as it rolling forward off the kick stand to a hopefully small spill on the road

had them on the r6 and they saved me a fortune from a new tyre spin up and drop. my 748 didn’t as i’ll admit, they look seriously ugly on that machine in the middle of the sleek fairing. part of me was wishing they were on there when the bike fell off its paddock stand though…

its a gamble - looks vs a small fortune in plastics etc. on jap bikes they rarely detract enough for it to be worth not putting them on, and no-one will think you manhood deminished as a result :wink:

If you do put them on, you may never drop your bike and feel that you’ve spent £100 for nothing.

If you don’t put them on, you will almost definitely drop your bike and 3 things will get hurt: your pride, your bike and your pocket!

They work and really ought to be part of the basic machine.

get a proper fat crash cage instead!

Or you could do what i did, use ur leg as a mushroom whilst u go sliding down the road with the bike on it :pinch: lucliky i did no damage to myself n very lil damage to the bike :smiley:

Yes you might drop it but on the other hand an idiot might reverse into it whilst you are in the bank & leave you with a £2,500 bill :wink:

As people are saying what you rather have? Crash protection or a big reapir bill?

It’s got nothing to do with giving the message of I am going to drop my bike it’s more about being prepared for the unexpected…

Bear in mind the unexpected happens. There is someone I have seen who parked his BMW GS in a bike bay, went to work as normal but when he came back found a building had fallen on it and crushed it. So much for crash protection…:slight_smile:

IMO, (for what its worth) I dont think bungs are ‘Gay’ no one goes looking to drop their P & J, and if the big bike co’s started fitting bungs as standard equipment you wouldnt think they were ‘Gay’ then, they would more than likely be colour coded and stuff.

i’m all for the 'shrooms. had them on my cbr600 and the blade. dont need them on the beemer coz it’s got two dirty great lumps sticking out the sides already :w00t:

well i have crash bungs on mine and they are worth their weight in gold.

i am however slightly offended at the “gay” remarks on crash mushrooms. What exactly makes you think crash mushrooms look gay? do they speak in a camp voice or are they coloured in the rainbow flag? as a gay guy i usually am easy going on these typical comments but this really is the most stupid question ive heard.

more power to your question westie, i was wondering how mushrooms on ones bike could be constrewed as gay myself.

I guess he was hoping they did so he could make a statement to world…its his way of outing himself I think…:smiley: