Are LED bulbs better than Halogen?

I ask because I asked my bike mechanic to fit LED and he said no way because they can cause electrical problems in the bike.

Thoughts guys?

He is correct in a way, I prefer halogen because the beam is thrown farther. LED looks brighter, but it’s for a shorter distance.

Case in point; look how dark the streets look where streetlights have been swapped from normal bulbs to LED.

Cheers Mian

I fitted a pair of these to my Gen2 Triumph Explorer a few weeks ago. Have caused no electrical problems and give MUCH more light than std bulbs.

on a bike designed for halogen, the problem with LED is quality & LED bulbs require a lot less wattage so the RR has to work harder to dump the excess power

bikes designed with LED dont suffer from anything


I have had couple of bikes when every lightbulb wise was designed to be LED. Designed and manufactured. The beam was brighter and as long as H7. Not to mention had perfect “shape” as it suppose to have. The aftermarket halogen led replacement will never match properly designed and manufactured LED headlight. Only bi-xenon can have any kind of competition with LED.