Are Gixxers going backwards?

As you know, the hunt for high BHP figures has led to the manufacturers upping the revs of their motors and reducing the stroke, creating a peaky motor.I think it’s partly marketing, especially in America where you get squids buying up the bikes with the highest peak power. :rolleyes:Most of the reviews of the 04 R1 (when the reviewers weren’t blinded by the admitedly gorgeous new looks) slated Yamaha for using a motor that made the bike more difficult to ride on the street compared to the earlier generation due to the main bulk of the power being higher up in the revs.The engine is only one part though and I think most people would agree that chassis development has improved the ease of riding bikes today.I think the Jap bike manufacturers will start going the way of Honda so I’d expect the midrange to start coming back through redesigns akin to the new CBR 1000 / 600 RR in their respective sports bikes.

Chunky, you asked me today why I hadn’t replied to this thread… I haven’t replied cos what do I know. :wink:

You only bought yours because of the colour didn’t you?;):D:D

And the pretty lights.

And Busa zorsts;):D:D

no such thing as reasonably priced engine mods…as they are all expensive…and even more expensive to maintain.

Although the kit you talk of exists in the form of the ‘kit’ parts from the manufacturer for all competing sportsbikes like the r6, r1, gixxers and anyone can buy these and have them fitted. parts include head gaskets, cams, ecu’s etc.

I rode one just like yours for 37 3/4 mlies :smiley:

They aint gone backwards in my eyes :w00t:

Day 1 in the K8 household.

Well, even in “run in” or “zomg!1!11eleven!111! I have a new bike best not drop it” mode I wouldn’t say that was uninvolved. Lots of oomph at mid-range revs (8k) in all gears and the odd pop up to 10k wasn’t disappointing (nor did it leave me feeling remote and isolated from the bike). I don’t think I’ll be bored when I start riding normally tomorrow. Not sure if I’ll ever drop it below “A” though.

Compared to your Busa?:wink:

Mmmm. Comfier than I thought, more usable spread of power than expected and all the ‘Sportsbikeriders’ didn’t run me off the edge of the mountain to pass me back coz I’m on a big ol’ bike which must be going slow and is an insult if it flys past their unused sliders round the outside of a bend in a textile jacket :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: Never messed with the mode button as I like things lary :wink: Beating the speed the LCD speedo can update is like a computer game :hehe:Much preferred it for me to the ZX10 :cool:


I’m finding the K8 750 very, errr, lively. I know terms like “raw” make it sound like a Bike magazine article, but that’s how it feels. No, I’m not confusing it with jerky FI. It just has what feels like untapped, unregulated power. Treat it with disrespect and it’ll have you. Be smooth, and you’ve got instant acceleration when you need it (in A mode, not even sure where that button is on the bike TBH).

And this comes after riding a 2006 ZX6R (apparently, bike journos can’t keep the front end down on them, so I must have been doing something wrong), those feisty kawasakis, and being aware of a K7 1000’s power.

However, if you’re a bit ham fisted, it’s got the manouverability of a 600, just drop it in a bit more and correct your mistake.

So, lots of feedback then. The suspension has been busting my balls (need to take a look at that) but maybe it’s just bedding in. You can feel where you’ve gone wrong with the power delivery but have the means to correct it. I don’t feel disconnected from the road or bike in any way at all. In fact, I’m engrossed by it totally and haven’t enjoyed my riding this much in the past 9 months or so.

Its 10x better than my k2 and that was great i love it

i have had a 600 srad, 750 srad, 750 k2 and i ride a k7 750 i dont believe that suzuki are going backwards, they are definatly getting lighter and more nibble but a friend of mine has a k4 750 and after riding it about for a while it does fell a little bit quicker on take off.:w00t:

ive owned 4 srad 600’s i zk3 600 the srad 750 i have now but i also recently bought a k6,600 which i like more than any of the other gixers i think the k4/5 look the best and the k6 really does feel tiny but i love it so i dont think they are going backwards does seem to have less low down grunt that the k3 and srads but is better in every other department in my opinion:)