Are Gixxers going backwards?

Strange question I know but here goes;)

I was talking to a fella I know this morning who races Dyno 600 Supersports and rides Gixxer 750’s on the road.

He has had most of the K models and feels that the K4/5 was the best of the breed so far.

He’s not very happy with his K8 as he says he feels remote from it. Are Suzuki going in the wrong direction?

What do the gixxer owners recon?:cool:

I havent ridden any other gixxers apart from mine but I think the K4/5 definately looks the best - when/if I do ever sell my 600 I’d get the K4/5 750

I sat on a K7 750 in Germany & it felt tiny compared to my 600!

i own a k4 600 and i`v ridden the k4 750 and the k6 750 i think the k4 is more agile getting into corners riding k6 it felt more solid whilst on its side but not as keen to turn in. it would be good if suzuki was to do wat ducati do with msv trackdays so potentail buyers can compare their new bikes back to back on track

i love my k4 and i wouldn`t dream of getting rid of it but a 750 engine swap will be on the cards as soon as the 600 engine goes pop

Why would it go pop ? Should be fine for years.


His diesel van almost went pop when he put petrol in it . . . :stuck_out_tongue:

iv had a k4 750 for 3 years now and have ridden k6/7 600 and 750’s and 1000’s

it is hard to make a un bias comparison as my bike is kinda set up how i like it (beside its niggling little faults)

what i would say is the newer bikes are slightly more refined in small ways…

the fueling is slightly better…
the suspension is slightly better…

bla bla…

but the older bikes pull harder from lower down the rev range

the basic geometry of these bikes hasnt changed a huge amount and there kind of at the peak of what they can do so all of the changes are small improvements to the chassis and cycle parts.

but they are going the wrong way with engine characteristics

give us mid range stomp please!!

would i sell me k4 and buy a k8?

no… it would be a waist of 4 grand…

i would only buy if the styling blew me away…

and on that note?

they could do better :slight_smile:

they certainly aren’t keeping up in the 600 class. However, they make great motors for the thou’s. Not keen on the build quality generally and i know of lots of people switching to yam/honda.

if yamaha build a yzf 750 ill buy one… :slight_smile:

I’ll tell you when I pick my K8 up. I can only compare it to a K3 600 and a ZX636 though.

Its an interesting question really… i can easily see how the styling would affect peoples views on one years bike vs another… Personally i love the new shape GSXRs… to the point where im looking into the realiity of getting a 750 when my bandit is all paid for later in the year…

I can also see how people might feel ‘less connected’ with the newer bikes, especially given its got variable power mapping that will affect how it responds and handle.

As far as going backwards, i dont really think that an advancement in the tech side of things can be seen as a retrograde move, but it COULD really alienate a large chunk of the hardcore fans…

Are Gixxers going backwards?

Only on trackdays. :wink:

but not at the IOMTT :D:D

only coz they are using an '07 gixxer 600 and its been DQ’d for engine CHEATING!!! Trying to keep up with the blistering pace and reliability of the Yam R6 :w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:

yeah i was talking about the 1-2-3 gsxr thous in the superbike race dude!!

yeh the gixxer thous have a seriously good motor.

I know the Zook fans will flame me, but for my frame a Gixxer is merely a wasp that gets inserted up your bum and drags you round screaming whilst not having got enough space for a real man to sit on…

To those that love them fine, but they’re far too dinky for my comfort…

But the question is, Is it as tractable on the road as say the K4/5?

all the litre bikes feel overpowered for the road fellathere was an article in bike or similar a fair while back where they blind tested an 04 r6 with one that they had modded the conrods etc (or something) to alter the power delivery. everyone chose the modded bike as the preferred choice.maybe there’s a market for a standard kit or reasonably priced package to get it how you’d like it?

my 2p’s worth:

i’ve had a GSXR600 K3 - which was good…

then i had a 750 K5 - which was great - a lot easier to ride around and I had more confidence in the corners then the 600…

… now i’ve got a 750 K7 - which for me feels better… it is tiny - yeah… but i’m not particularly tall - so for me the size of the bike is a good thing… it also feels easier to ride - as in because all the weight is now centered lower (a - la weight centralisation malarky) it makes the bike feel lighter to manouver - whether it be at slow speeds or errr ‘moving on a bit…’

i am wondering where they are trying to go with the ‘power switch’ on the K8 models… perhaps there’s some kind of :

‘buy a gixer straight after you’ve passed your test - keep it on ‘low’ and get used to the power before moving to the next setting…’

I dont think i’ve ever read any positive reviews of having the power switch there…

as for styling… well : I think it still looks a great bike…