Are gear levers interchangable?

Once again I must leech knowledge from the brains of some experienced bikers. (sorry :P)

Are gear levers interchangable? The gear lever snapped off of my Honda NSR 125R, am i able to replace it with any gear lever? or any honda gear lever? or do i require a specific one for my bike’s model?

I do appologise for adding a thread to the forums that will interest no one, quite desperate to find out if i can just go to a local bike shop and pick up what i need.

While i’m posting i may as well tell you all how I managed to snap the gear lever off- After much hassle with my CBT I joined the wonderful world of biking, my first trip was to my girlfriend’s house (about 30 minutes each way), on the way back the bike broke down 3 times and on the third wouldn’t start again. Luckily i was close enough to home that I could push the bike. Bike wasn’t running for about a month (procrastination eh?). After FINALLY getting my bike running again (thanks to Mark from M-Tech) I was happily enjoying my freedom for about a week before once again heading to my girlfriend’s house. This time while going around a corner RIGHT next to her house at about 10mph the back wheel slid forward until the bike was travelling sideways, at which point i was thrown off and my indicator and gear lever was snapped off. Still don’t know what caused it. There was no noise from the slide, no skidmark afterwards and i really was going very slowly. popular theory is spilled diesel or something.

so yeah… my luck hasn’t been that great for my first few months of riding (or not riding…)

you propally cant with your 125 mate I’d call your local dealers or breakers you might be lucky