are black cab drivers all c*nts

Within the space of three miles and about ten minutes today I was nearly run off the road three times by black cab drivers.

No 1 - Pall Mall. Lady cabbie veers across the road deciding she would like to turn left. Didn’t indicate, didn’t look. Slammed on breaks. Had a few words at next set of light and got the usual ‘sorry didn’t see ya’.

No 2 - Victoria. Sat at a set of lights in the right hand lane as there is a parked coach ahead on the left… Lights go green and pull off. Cab flys up my inside and moves into the right,once again no indicator but he must have seen me as he undertook me, forcing me onto the opposite side of the road. Had a few words at next set of lights and the ****** cannot see that he has done anything wrong.

No 3 - Vauxhall - going under the railway bridge cabbie once again just cuts across lanes without indicating and doesn’t see me. Once again I have to take some evasive action. I’m well pissed off by this time and return the compliment with a swift overtake and back into his lane too which cabbie leans on his horn and goes ballistic. I think if we had pulled up at a set of lights togther it could have gotten nasty as by this point the red mist was starting to descend.

I really wonder is it worth riding in London sometimes when you have to contend with these retards on the road. I think the only thing these scabs understand is missing wing mirror or a nice dent to their bodywork from my steel toe capped boot. That will be my approach in furture. Rant over and I need a drink after the ****e journey home so I’m off to the pub.

This is a recurrng theme…

The sage advice on this was to follow one home a take a dump in their slippers I believe…

You’ve had a run of bad luck tonight - 3 in 1 go! But it’s a good thing you’re still in one piece. I feel for you mate!

Yes they are …Very much so … they are ALL c*nts …

TheLoneGunman, I completely sympathise, I’ve had some very bad experiences with cabbies! They’re crap! They can’t drive for toffee!

look on the bright side . . . you had a rare result, one out of three of the c**** apologised !

My dads a black cab driver and has been for the past 27 years and is very good. Being a biker himself since he was 16 he always takes care so they arent all bad!

Oh come on! you know that black cab drivers own the road and are allowed to do wotever they want.

Where have you been?

All drivers can be just as cnutish IMO not just black cab drivers. I have had some black cab drivers do some awful things to me but so have lots of other drivers too. Not all to be tarred with the same brush.

yes they are all c*nts…i have been cut up by many and stopped and had a word with some of them…always explain the situation politely to them with a left hook…

Oh, I once met a good one, I was filteirng down the A4 one night a few years back and he leant out the window, I thought to say something nasty, he said “Do you want to buy these crash-bungs for your gixxer mate?”, I nearly fell off my bike in shock hehe…

“are black cab drivers all c*nts”

Er, in short, yes.

In long? Still yes.

Selfish twits.

if you had to do your knowledge for years stuck on a scooter or c90 then you would hate bikes as much as they do…i would…

prob off a bike he just knocked over, lol

All black cab drivers are cnuts just like all blacks are crack heads and all posh people are inbred.

Not really eh…

Just happens that we experience loads more black cabs what with us living and travelling a lot in London.
I bet there are loads of Virgin train drivers that are cnuts too, but we don’t encounter them as oftern so we’re not likely to find out vey soon are we…

Realistically I treat black cab drivers, BMW drivers, white van drivers, and young black men (aged between 25 and 35) all exactly the same…WITH TOTAL AND UTTER FEAR AND CAUTION, because generally they are crap drivers who show no regard for other road users and firmly believe the road is theirs and theirs alone, and happen to also be the most likely to try and knock you off your bike if you even look at them let alone question their ability to drive safely with other road users around.

Doesn’t make me cabbist, richest, construction workerist or racist, just keeps me alive.

i am suprised that this topic got off the ground.

Are all black cab drivers C~~ts?

simple enough question,

a bit like will the sun come up in the morn?

will it rain when Wimbledon is on?

will tax go up?

Not trying to defend cabbies at all just trying to say that a cabbie is going to go for a fare in as quick a way as possible and they are intent on getting to said fare as soon as possible. Therfore, keep well away from them at any juncture in the road where they can u-turn, turn without indicating etc. This also applies to some cyclists, some youths with cars and large exhausts, most of SE London, some busses, some white van men (OK most white van men), BMW and Mercs with load sound systems and most pedestrians with iPods.

After a cabbie had cut me up (in a car) a few years ago, and I’d given him the finger

Cabbie: “are you trying to be a c*nt”

Me: “Yes, I’m in training to get my green badge”


Sounds about right!! had it happen to me last night coming round the hanger lane roundabout en route to the ace, some w***er cuts me up, i swerve to avoid him and then get clipped by a cab from the back! low and behold the same idiot that cut me up then veers across infront of me again and slams the brakes on as he narrowly avoids hitting the back of a lorry!!, i thought i was going down!! scary moment! thankfully the deauviles brakes worked very well!!

IMO a lot of bikers can be just as bad and not help themselves I drive a car and a bike and I have had bikers do some stupid stupid things where I have nearly taken them out because they have been riding like [email protected] Bikers arent all innocent you get bad types of every driver in this world. Some of the couriers in town are extremely dangerous and ride just as badly as cabbies, bus drivers, lorry drivers van drivers etc