Archipelago - unusual dining experience

If you fancy something different and weird, go to Archipelago near Warren Street. They specialise in exotic food.

To start with, I had crocodile, followed by a locust and cricket salad. Locusts are surprisingly nice, a bit like walnuts.

Main was zebra, also very tasty. Plus it’s hard not to feel like a lion when you are tucking into a zebra steak.

I wimped out on the baby bee brulee for dessert and went for the gold covered mousse thing instead.

Other things on the menu included chocolate covered scorpion, kangaroo, gnu and peacock. Shame they didn’t have snake, guess I’ll have to keep looking for that one.

Went there must be about 10 years ago, was a fun experience. Nice to hear it’s still going, must investigate making a return trip.

I recall the chocolate covered scorpion was a bit like a praline.