Arc-on leathers now with free suit design service

Yay at last I’m getting sorted with a new leather suit courtesy of a healthy discount and a loving fiance.

I’ve been a big fan of Ian’s clothing company and I’m gonna spread the good news about his 2012 plans.

He is streamlining his range from two/three suits (as seen in all classes in the BSB paddock last year) down to just one but is now offering you the option of designing your own colours and will likely as not measure you up himself.

He doesn’t hold huge amounts of suits in stock, that costs money, instead he has some stock suits mainly to be used for measuring you up - you try on the various sizes but then your final suit gets made for you fresh.


I can’t remember right now what he said the suit price will be but it’s doubtless gonna be around the £7-£800 mark and includes Knox armour plus magnesium panels and stingray inserts.

Here’s my design (he gives you the template and you photoshop or use crayons as you wish).


that looks the dogs danglies! :w00t:

I want

nice! hope you gave Lucy her crayons back :stuck_out_tongue:


I wear Arcon, it’s fantastic gear. Works at 150+ and I get all the chicks.