Arai, where to?

I think I need to replace my helmet. Having dropped 30kg, I reckon I have dropped a size on my head to a Medium Arai. I want a Viper GT or equivalent in Arai. This means that I either have to find a Viper GT in medium, or move up to the Quantum and replace all of my visors, adding another £100 odd to the purchase price. And the cheaper Quantums (£330 or below) are either dark colours (inconspicuous), white (plod) or a red paint job which doesn’t look great, and clashes with the blue leathers.

Suggestions? Anywhere round London that I can get a medium Viper GT for reasonable money (ideally £250 or thereabouts)? I know I can get one from Pagetts, but I have no desire to go to Leeds.


don’t fancy a different brand?

Had a Shoei a while ago (might still have it in the loft) but never quite got on with it. Might have another think about that. Don’t really want to move away from the main two. The visors were always a reason to stick with Arai, as I had a few, and they always fitted the new lid. Now that’s not the case, it might be worth thinking about a change.

However, I can testify to the quality of Arai having crash tested one.

Good selection here I went from a Arai to a Shark Race R Pro

As above, helmet city have loads in stock and great deals on certain lines and colours. Yellow is a good look apparently.

Matches your leathers :smiley:

The Quantum replaced the Viper-GT.

Managed to somehow find a second hand but virtually new Viper GT in medium off a guy I know local to me off one of the other forums. A very random internet search came up with that one!! So all sorted now, for the next few years, when hopefully I might have a few pennies more to replace the helmet and get the new visors too.

I was going to suggest shark as well as Rusty there