arai rx7 ???

Just after a bit of advice i was thinking of buying an rx7 when over in the states but wanted to know if there would be any differences from a europen version or a US version?

i guess it wouldnt come with a acu gold sticker but would the shell be the wrong shape or size???

just dont bother . cost roughly the same and phoeinix wont touch it, part from this the helmet is tested to snell standard. Just go down to your local better back up.

yeah dont bother…unless your a Yank :stuck_out_tongue: American Arais are a different shape to european Arais internally, so probably wont fit you as well.

Perhaps Danno has a Yank shaped head! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, Im off to the states soon too, was gonna do the same and have a look whilst out there at helmets. From what I have read, I think Id rather wear a SNELL rated helmet anyway. I think there is an old post about this somewhere…