Arai helemt - help me

ok, I have about £200 and would like another Arai if I can if not any suggestions on the best my money can buy…

I was looking at this site that had some good arais cheap

That seems quite a good price.

You really should go and try whatever lid on at a shop before you buy one mail order.

Considering you can’t return helmets, I wouldn’t risk buying one online, personally. It could be a very expensive mis-fit! Speak to BabyJ at Great Portland St and see what he can do, he might surprise you.

Thats cheap…they are also Imports, so bear in mind you have no UK warranty from Arai…so if anything goes wrong you could be in trouble.

They are European spec models though so will fit…may not have a Gold ACU sticker though as thats a Uk thing

Still cheap though

I thought it was against the law (or at least not aloud) to sell helmets that do not meet ece 05

ALL helmets are ECE-2205 in Europe…all of them. That however does not mean that you get a warranty in the UK for a helmet meant for lets say Spain. Simple really.

Theres nowt wrong with the lid…it just if it goes wrong and you send it to Arai UK…they can check where that helmet is destined for…if its not UK…they wont service it.

Inside all Arai’s there is an orange label…this tells us where its made, and where its destined for…some very dodgy suppliers who get cheap imports in, cross these markings out…that invalidates said helmet…which intern invallidates your insurance…do I need to continue here as I have said this SO often before…

nope I get the picture… I’m well glad I posted this now, it is amazing how much you can learn…

I heard someone say they had a problem with a new Arai Corsair, the vent fell off.

They took it to an Arai technician and was told that they had a grey import lid and were not covered by any warranty

babyJ is your shop a full arai “service centre” that can supply different sized cheek-pads etc? Having a bit of bovver with my newish astro r.

Yeah thats us…one of only 2 5-Star dealers in London

and we are the other 1,rex judds west hampstead dont for get you get 15% of clothing with us and we can do some blinding deals on shoei,kbc,arai crash helmets.

Oooh, two shops fighting for my business! If only I could think of something I want to buy, I’d set you against each other in a discount fight to the death (assuming you don’t operate a cartel and quote the same price, dammit!!)

My mate got a second-hand grey RX7 Corsair from ebay. £130. Looks like new and the good thing about the RX7’'s is you can pull all the lining out and wash em! Fantastic!
So you dont gets no Lurgies… LoL.
All arai’s also have the date on the chin strap so you can allways ask the seller how old said lid is…

Don’t buy a used lid as you have know Idea if it was drop or mistreated in anyway by its last owner it may look prefect but looks arn’t everything and only skin deep.

If its to late and you did buy a used lid at least send it off to Arai and get it checked it’ll be the best 6 quid you spent.

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the date thing is a good idea but you also have to bear in mind that you wont get a helmet less then 6-8 months old, this is logic. it has to be shipped form japan that goes as fast ginges S.V

I will never buy an Arai again. Changing the visor is a nightmare despite Mr Arai himself telling me to go to youtube to see the demo. I feel like i’m going to break it everytime. Also too noisy - for £330 I expect better.

yes please! sorry newbie here so haven’t heard 'bout all that. i bought a viper from that site and it has e4 on the orange label inside. any ideas what that means? ta…