Arai Astro R Problem

Brought one at the ally pally show, but only started wearing it last week as I’ve been using my scummy old lid for the last of winter. Anyway going up the A1 at anything over about 60 mph when I look behind me the visor pops open I have had a look at a couple of other peoples Arai’s and their visors seem a lot stiffer to open than mine and the side pods look a little bit further out than my mates. Is it possible to tighten the visor mechanism? or have I got a duff lid? If I brought it at my local shop I would just take it in, but the shop is in leigh on sea and I’m in wembley

Cheers in advance

oh heck, I’ve just bought one from the site below and it’s being delivered tomorrow.

I’ll let you know if I encounter the same problem. Don’t worry, you’re protected under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, so you can return it if it’s not performing properly and are entitled to a full refund regardless of how many times you’ve worn it.

I’m sure yours will be ok, I asked about 3 Arai users on Fri what theres were like and my visor is way loser than theres I will get something done about it but I’m hoping that I won’t have to go to Leigh if I can help it

Hi, I had a spare moment and rang Phoenix Distribution (01782 569847) for you (they’re the official UK importers) and they advise if you take your lid to an Arai 5 star dealer (I think your nearest is Infinity on Great Portland Street in London) they will have a look for you, regardless of where you bought the lid. Bloke suggested taking off side pods, giving it a really good clean and re assembling. Good luck

I Have been wearing Arai’s for years and never had issues with visors. It does sound as though yours has not been put together properly. I would suggest removing the side pods and checking the mechanism inside, sounds like the visor is not connected to the runners properly.

I think your nearest one is Rex Judd Central at West Hampstead. I bought mine there and they are more than helpful.

Cheers guys A couple of people on VD said that Hein Gerick will do it if I take it there, so I might try them 1st, if not I’m near Rex Judd in Edgware. I guess I could also try Colin Collins?

Cheers mate, have a beer on me

See BabyJ (James) at Great Portland st (Infinity)

Arai Genius… and loads of spares lying around.

He’s in 6 days a week excluding fridays.

He is phonix’s golden boy!!!

2nd that - james is a legend, will defo sort it

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help guys. I took the lid into HG Harrow and they tightened up the visor for me top boys.

I also got a hyper optics insert while I was there which is really good

I use these guys for all my gear puschases including the RX-7 ARAI. They are top people to deal with, good prices and no probs there sofar… You can wait in ease on your lid!!!