aprillia rs250 buying tips

the gf is keen on getting one of these after her DAS. rides a 50cc vespa at the mo in lets say an ‘enthusiastic’ manner.

was wondering if anyone has any personal experience of owning one can give me a heads up what to look for/things to be wary of/general recommendations on these.

also any info on cost of ownership/treatment etc



shame - a mate fo mine just sold his - £2k only 5k miles, in mint condition. As I know owner guarenteed it was looked after. This is the main problem - not looking after them, they need top quality racing synthetic 2 stroke oil - lots of it. Costs about £35 approx per 5l. If not done engine seizes like a pit bull! Then bike mullered, esxpensive fix. Full service history probably useful - but knowing the owner and how they’ve treated it more important - therefore risky to buy off e-bay/private ads etc.

PM twostrokesliveetc he’s the man in the know for all 2 stroke issues

I would have one tomorrow if i had the cash = fantastic bike, just needs a loving owner.

agreed with Eric on this one, the RS is now an oldish bike and finding a good condition one is going to be difficult, and you might end up paying a premium for it. Once she gets one she will need to look after big time, only running when warm, etc.

I had a KR1S (kawa’s 250 2 stroke) and used to be OK around town, but took a good blast to get her back up to speed again after a week or so of town riding…

but beautiful bikes though. Have a chat with MME motorcycles, dunno if they get many RS250’s but he has loads of 125’s which might suit…? 02077 296 404 Kelvin is a solid bloke and he sold me my thundercat, he specialises in 125/250 two strokes.

worth speaking to Matt, he works for Aprilia in North London, just PMd you his No.

thanks for the tips. personally a little wary of it as her first bike for the same reasons mentioned - poor maintainance/trashed ones could end up being an expensive problem. have also warned her that she’s going to need to be much more careful about warming it up and generally checking the bike/maintained. seems undetered by that tho. we shall see

she’ll also be wanting to take it on track next year too. in some respects i’d almost prefer she got a decent 600. downside is even though we’re talking a lot more power than is possibly wise for a first big bike, and her slightly odd attitudes to risk. :w00t:.

the 250 would be better learning, but if she drops it/needs parts etc can see it being more of a hassle?

A 600 would be good, the 250’s power might be down, but the delivery can be sudden and if she is a little bit ‘overenthusiastic’ then it could be highside city…and the tyres are thinner…

Might suggest a 400, would be easier to maintain have the lower power delivery and still should be able to mix it on the track. But overall possibly the ease of a lower range 600 (5 yrs old) to hussle round a track might be benefiticial depends on budget,etc

a good 600 is certainly the best option, especially for track days, even though she’s used to low power, once she passes DAS and goes on track, she’ll soon get bored and will probably be looking for another bike.

I also had a Vespa to start with, 50, then 125cc, and am so glad I went for a 600.

I’d be very wary of an RS250 as they are getting a bit long in the tooth and good ones are like rocking horse doo-doos:cool: They are fragile engines that need lots of love and attention and as mentioned, they MUST be run on fully synthetic 2T oil.The power delivery of the prillers is pretty on/off and as such isn’t the best thing to learn on.

I’d recommend a CBR4 baby blade(NC29) or something like that as a first sports bike. Easy to ride, plenty powerful enough to do the odd trackday and plenty of bits on ebay;)

There is one I know that’s for sale - approx £1600

Don’t know history - but it’s in Les’s place in Twickenham.

I might have a shufty tomorrow whilst over there - I’ll let you know

It is older, but still fantastic bike - if found in good nick

Easy to work on I’d imagine - 2 stroke = simplicity?

An awesome bike, but if she rides in town, I’d advise her against it.Reports of 85 miles to the tank…New piston kit every 6000 miles…Expensive 2 stroke oil and 2 stroke reliability…i.e erratic. If she was only riding on track then it’d be a different story.

I would say a used first gen R6 would be a much better option. About the same price, better road manners, but still a bike that can go mental and mix it with the sharp end at trackdays.

I don’t know how tall she is, but the ladies also find the R6s relatively low seat height a plus.EDIT: If there’s still no telling her then get her to ask around on www.apriliaforum.com in the RS 250 section. I found it excellent when I had my RS125.

JohnnyB if you find any decent 250’s but decide not to go ahead and buy it give me a shout, a mate has a perfect Aprilla rs250 and won’t even let it go even for 3k

I have the garage space and will give it all the love love and attention it needs :wink:

dont they have a suzuki engine out of the old rgv??

Afro - when are you going to pack in your job and become a Yamaha sales person!

Honestly:exclamation: Yamaha is not the answer to everyone’s questions


Yes they were but Aprillia produced exhaust, and intake system - see below


Dunno I’m laughing at the tought of Afro on an RS125…would have been like a mini-moto!!!

I went for a 600 straight away with no prior motorbike or scooter experience at all except for 2 pillion rides! At least if she gets a 600 the size will be very different to her 50cc and therefore less familiar. Hopefully that will intimidate her into being a bit sensible :w00t:

A bit like me on a 916:w00t::blink:

hey JB sorry been away,the rs250 is a superb bike, fantastic handling and unbelievable perfromance for a 250…she will hit 140 and maybe even 150mph on a good day…

they are no where near as bad as everyone says, the RGV 250 had all the troubles, by the time aprilia got the engines they knew more about two strokes than anyone and they have sorted its major faults, valves disintegrating and screwing up the engine and the nicosil lining seems to last longer on the aprilia than on the rgv 250…you will go at least 25k on an RS before needing a rebuild, it only lasted about 12k-15k on a hard ridden RGV before you needed a top end strip and rebuild…costing from about £150 to £350 depending on where and what you have done…

But believe me they are sweet bikes and they really do shift, they have a character that just isnt in any other bike…and they are faster, more reliable and with better handling than an RGV 250 which is a much more toublesome bike…so go for the rs…but be aware it is a very very fast bike, from nothing to crazy in the bat of an eyelid…ooh I love two strokes…

good info, thanks twostrokespoke to a guy working for aprilia, and he mentioned that there can be significan probs with not running it as designed - i.e. revving the nuts off it. apparently if kept in the lower end of the rev range there can be build up of oil on the internals and gunk it up? and general get unhappy with cold starts, running from cold etc.any truth in that from your experience?are there any known faults/issues that you can spot with the naked eye when tyre kicking these bikes?mentioned the above comments to her, and mostly got ‘aw, but i want one’…:smiley:

Neither is a two wheeled bogey my friend :laugh:

You could also try asking the guys down at Southern Cross Motorcycles. They know Aprilias very well, and can probably give you the low doen on all common faults.Why not give them a call…020 7328 1428