Aprillia Rear Brake

Anyone know why my Aprillia’s rear brake only lasted 4 weeks from the garage bleeding it, there’s nothing at all now. Also, anyone know how to bleed it, so I don’t have to take it down the garage every month.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Seems to be a common fault with them. Something to do with the position of the rear brake master cylinder. I would try to find some nice rear-sets that relocate or replace the master cylinder.

You will struggle to reloacate the MC so , to be honest I wouldn’t bother !

The rear brakes on Mille/Tuono are known to be shite so you ain’t gonna improve it buddy - just squeeze the front that little bit harder :Whistling:

cheers ,

i picked up a rsv this weekend and the guy i brought it from told me that the reason was the rear brake mc got to hot. the guy is italian and on a visit to italy he brought a shied that sits in front of the mc,preventing it from heating up and solving the problem. he had one fitted and claims the rear brake now works as was intended.on the 150 mile ride home i noticed no problems with the rear brake, but will keep an open mind for a while yet. aprilia are now fitting this shield to all new bikes. and the price of this problem solving shield? £3.90 bargain or wot:) at that price must be worth a try.

Your lucky mines lasts about 2 weeks from being bled, or used to. There’s a little mod you can do now. If you take it to southerncross in kilburn they will do it for you.

Basically you remove the master cylinder and bore the fixing hole out to make it a touch bigger, then re-fit it but putting the cylinder back on at a slight angle. This way it bleeds it self. Mines lasted for ages now. There’s a couple of mechanics from s/c on here, Tim and Matt, they may be able to explain it abit better.


Thanks for your answers. I will get her serviced and get this mod done at the same time at Southern Cross then.


A mate of mine has just had work done on his Tuono Factory,Im sure that was a recall for a rear brake problem