Aprilia Tuono V4 X track bike

Anyone after a new track bike? Only 10 being made


€35K that’s cheaper than I was expected, and I wonder why only 10?

Incredible. Bat-shit crazy infact.

I’ll always have a soft-sport for Aprilia’s, but…err, why make this? Why choose this over the RSV4? The sportsbike will handle better (quality of components aside) compared to a more upright naked. Who would choose a naked over a sportsbike for track riding?

I’m a little confused but would love to find out first-hand (are you listening Aprilia?) what the hype is all about.

my guess is that more people will talk about it.

The purpose of these high spec, expensive limited runs is advertising, and to get people to like the brand. this is going to paint the standard tuono as more of an animal and make people like that better.

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Usually referred to as a Halo product.