Aprilia Tuono V4 Video & Spy Photos

this looks good!! :smiley:


source: Motoclismo.it


I don’t like the plastic bag and gaffer tape bikini fairing - you’d expect a proper fairing for that kind of dosh - apart from that it’s looking good.

dont worry there will also be official accesories:

double sided tape,
bin bag
& cardboard paper!

Silver duct tape too.

And verily, there be nothing in Gods great creation which cannot be fixed with WD40 and duct tape (and lots of hitting and swearing). Jamie 3:15

Yeah - but knowing Aprilia - they will take 18 months to deliver them . . . :hehe:

im more of a blue tuck and string guy myself… :w00t:

Talking of office supplies hopefully they don’t use rubber bands to drive the cams like Ducati.

Ducati are apparently really good at getting their riders stationery . . .

He he, I see what you did there.