Aprilia Shiver?

Anyone own or had an Aprilia Shiver? looking at getting a new bike this year and have looked at the Shiver, but need a first hand opinion of having to live and commute with one.:smiley:

I don’t own one but had a sniff around them earlier in the year. You’ve probably seen it but MCN’s test gives a little insight and a possible alternative (if you like twin headlamps):


Got given their Shiver demo for the day as the “courtesy bike” by In Moto a few months back.

Lord, I wish I could afford one!

The intellegent throttle took me by surprise to start with (depending how your riding, the engine reponse varies) but pretty easy to get to grips with. (Sorry, no pun intended!) Works a dream when at each end of the riding scale and seems o.k. around the middle range but didn’t try that bit too much.

Engine is a delight, transmission is smooth, handling was smooth and predictable, but then I’m to old to test the envelope, and it was pretty comfortable. Loved the “orange” colour scheme.

Nothing I didn’t like about it, apart from the fact could not afford the divorce that would result from buying one.

Got to be something wrong. The turning circle could have been better.

Right now you can get one discounted and on 0% finance if you shop around. (According to Ride magazine.)

Go blag a test ride. In Moto, Crodon, have (had?) a demo bike and they are nice people to work with. Very Italian and passionate about Italian bikes. Take the coffee if offered and go enjoy.

I always wondered why you don’t see many of them about (I don’t think I’ve ever seen one apart from in the shop).

It’s certainly the best looking “street moto” in my opinion.

My mate’s got one… she loves it. Had Harleys & BMW Gss but says the Shiver is the mutz nutz. Enjoy :slight_smile: I love the look of it. Q

Thanks everyone:)

I have a Shiver that I have had since November 07.

Yes they are pretty rare. I think I’ve never actually seen another on the road.

It’s a great bike, and now better since Aprilia solved the problems with the engine mapping. The first maps were truly awful. Be careful reading magazine and on-line reviews, most were of the early bikes and suffered fair criticism, but it really is far better now.

The first thing you notice, other than the good looks, is it’s a tall bike, very tall, anyone under about 5’10" tends to struggle, later/current bikes have a lower seat which helps. Agreed the turning circle is rubbish, and doesn’t help anyone struggling with the height. The shivers are generally well put together. Mine has been reliable, although I have only completed just 4000 miles as it’s now mostly an evening toy. I have struggled a bit with handling, mine seemed to have very little damping in the front forks, and I also suffered brake judder under heavy braking. I’ve recently swapped for Tuono forks, which should provide adjustment and hopefully solve my problems.

If you fancy one you get a test ride. Before I bought mine, I tried the Shiver and the Street Triple, I just preferred the Shiver.