Aprilia RSVR

Found and tested this one http://www.phoenixmc.co.uk//index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=24&Itemid=39 and it felt like a dream…
Can anyone give me any advice or feedback, if you have ridden or owned one? The sound from the Akrapovic can is like Pavarotti at the Opera…

Nice, another one on my shortlist when I get another bike. Not sure if your aware of this site http://forum.rsvr.net/

Try this one too as seems to be far more useful ( even though it is a USA based site ) http://www.apriliaforum.com/forums/index.php

I’ve just picked up my Tuono R which is ( in all intents and purposes ) the same bike with flat bars etc and it is the best riding bike I have EVER swung my leg over !!

Will be att BMM tomorrow night ifyou wanna take a look and " chew the cud " over a cuppa :wink:

Either that or just buy it as you will NOT be dissappointed :cool: EDIT - just clicked the link and realised you are looking at the old model - still a cracking bike just not as close a comparison with mine.Had a '51 plated Mille ( not an R ) and loved it however felt the gearing needed " livening up " to bring it to full life :wink:


IT’S A TWIN THING I TELL YA !!!Prepare for world domination Mwahahahahahahahahahahaha

IL4’s have had their day now:D

V2’s and V4’s are the way forward… :cool:

Even considering a Mille ( old model not current one ) as a TD bike but going to see how the Tuono handles herself at Silverstone first ;)Contrary to popular belief I ain’t made of money :stuck_out_tongue:

Thought your name was ‘millionaireman’ :w00t::hehe::smiley:

LOL - I wish buddy , I wish !!I ain’t greedy , all I want is a penny more than I can spend :wink:

Hmmm…Didn’t you say you didn’t like V4s and what cheesy line will you use rather than ‘it’s a twin thing’ when they take over V2s :rolleyes: :DIt’s all good though…V4s will likely be the dominant motorcycle engine config in the future as the cost to produce them comes down.Best of both worlds with top end power and low end torque.

I will concede that one Afro, but having found out more about the new Priller V4 I can see it being a goodun:)It will never have the sound of a V2 though;):cool:

she’s coming home on saturday afternoon…:smiley:

Good man :wink:

You will NEVER look back buddy

She’s home…

She’s lovely mate :wink:

You will love her for sure - get her on a track and let her impress you !!

Very nice:cool:

We will need a V twin section soon:D

Hello fella,how ya doin,kev:D

You changed your name?:DI’m peachy thanks mate cept one thing… Just heard it might be snow for Brands on Sunday:w00t:Hows life with you an the Priller?:slight_smile:

Sorry about name change fella,doin well thanks,how’s your new mate from the xmas party,been out riding with him yeh,goin to brands,but not if its f**kin snowin fella,hopefully see you there,will be up the market tomorrow nite fella,if not rainin,might see ya there,take it easy…:smiley:

I was thinnking of BMM tomorra if its nice too:cool:PM us ya number:)