Aprilia RSV1000 2001

Standard bike. 2001.51 Reg.

20000 miles. Years mot.6 months tax.

FSH. Excellent engine.

Recent chain,service,battery.Tyres good.

Bars raised to above yokes for more comfort,but can easily put back if required before collection.

Rear seat and grab rail inc.

Body a little tatty.

Would make excellent 1st big bike/commuter/trackbike.

Do not ring if you want a prestine bike.

Bargain£2000 07791716237 Dan. 5 mins junc25 M25. Cheshunt.

Does the tea-towel come with it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with the sale


I think I have a client for you.

I’m till sunday in Hamburg and when I’m back I will search a bike

for a friend, and he loves Aprilia ( has an old Ducati too ).

Come back too you on monday, hopefully you will not sell it.

Greetz Carsten

See Elad if you had waited you could have bought this instead of that Ninja Shed;):smiley:

I’m Cheshunt too, I think we’ve played out before (blue’n’white TLR):wink:

Shite hole isnt it:D(Cheshunt)

I had a TLR…taught me to ride properly,trying to keep up with mates on Gsxr thous and R1s,i have fond memories of that bike…monster engine.

Cheers for the help.On ebay item 110267468735,much lower reserve.

Pick up me new Blade in 2 weeks:w00t:,so need to sell:hehe:


Not you as well, lets have less tractor torque, this is a biking site ;):stuck_out_tongue:

One day you will see the light Steve;):smiley:

I’m with chonky!!

Had a tricked up TLR and loved it,wish i never sold it!! :crying:

Maybe :wink:

I have never met an ex TLR owner who has not regretted selling it. I’ve never known a Japanese bike have soul before this one:cool:Anyway someone buy this Priller to stop me looking at it;):cool::w00t:



What size tank do they have, what’s the typical touring range ?

gis a loan uncle chunks!:smiley:

Think its about 17/18 litres.

When i went to Italy last year i was regularly pulling in to petrol stations with 130-135 miles on the trip clock and the light had not come one.

It usually came on shortly after that,if i carried on,but i usually had had enough by then.

Thats with 85-105mph average on the motorways and spirited riding on the mountain roads.


Chunks, I have met jehovah’s witnesses who preach less about religion than you do about harley engines…

Someone has to convert you savages to the Word of the Vee:D

“Come the day of the revolution the Vees will inherit the earth and the four riders will be damned to the eternity of the M25”:P:D

Superbike Ch15 V3

Cant ber that good mate or you would want to ride it all year round;)

What? And turn an enjoyable experience into a mundane event like yours?;):smiley:

Hehe possibly, but definitely would not have the money now, and the shed was more than half the price of this one…

Ending this weekend on Ebay.