Aprilia RSV Mille question

Hi people!!!

Its my first post here. I am planning to buy a second hand Aprilia RSV( old model, not the new one) but I am not sure if its right bike for me. I have heard of some horror stories from RSV owners on the internet. I am hoping someone will enlighten me with some info on this. How hard is it to maintain this bike. I dont want to dunk in cash on it once I buy it so low maintanence is high priority. Thanks in advance for your replies!!!


Get a jap bike…

I have never had an RSV, i know there good bikes buy at the end of the day?

It can be hassle parts wise.

good luck with it mate, you can try rsv.net http://www.rsvr.net/forums/

they will know all there is to know and can put you mind at rest.

Best Aprilia forum IMO

Is www.apriliaforum.com

They’ll answer all your questions mate.

Welcome. If low maintanance is what you’re after, I’d probably avoid. There are several members who ride them and would be suited to advise you. I owned an old Aprilia for years and apart from a piston making its way through a cylinder head sweet as a nut. If you are looking at an RSV make sure its got decent service history. As Afro says, the best place to look is the Aprilia forum.

If you’ve got a £3000-£3500 budget, for similar money you’d be looking at early R1’s and GSXR 1000, Fireblade, all worth considering and Japanese fours.

Thats great guys! Thanks! I am doing my research now and hopefully decide on a bike soon.

I was looking at a second hand one. The delaer was a fan of the bikes but he pointed out to me that the rear brake is worthless. Owners often have to bodge a workaround as the fliud heats up and boils. (Suppose it only matters if you use it!)

Anyhow, took one out and hated it! It had some crazy gyrpscopic forces and didn’t want to corner at ALL!

Not the bike for me!


Hi Hardtarget,

I’ve got an 02 mille and have had very little trouble with in, all thats gone wrong with mine is the speed sensor & fan switch. The parts are very expesive to replace thats the only bug bear I have with it but I’ve always managed to pick up spares from breakers or ebay.

All in all I love the bike but would sujest havig a test ride first as some people dont like the way a V-Twin rides.

Hope it helps


P.s got any questions just PM me.

if the rsv excels in anything, its cornering. dont go on the rsv forum and say that!

Wooo… suprised at you saying it didn’t want to corner… ok I’ve mainly ridden the tuono… both this and last years and thought it was ace…

Not had a “proper” ride on the RSV, but as that and the tuono are the same chassis I can’t see there being a big difference…

Good friend of mine has a 02 plate factory been down the road and track sideways etc (and yes parts are pricey) and used as a daily commuter - all weathers. Only problem was the speedo pick up (it’s on the rear? hence gets covered in kack) He loves it and I was going to buy it but he decided to keep it and abuse it somemore - he got the suspension properly set up when he got it though.

I test rode it and liked it - but then I’m a lanky git and it fitted me better than some smaller sportsbikes I’ve tried that have nearly vanished in the crack of my butt when I sat on them…