Aprilia RSV-4 Race Bike

Okay, this is my bike for 2009. I’ve decided. I have a huge love for v-four engines after my first bike (Honda VFR NC-24) served me chills up my spine on a daily basis, oh and the whole MotoGP thing going on right now. This bike is drop-dead sexy!


Thats f-ing beautiful


That is absolutely gorgeous. I want one!

I like the front but not the back:Whistling:

I’m not overkeen on this new fashion for micro tail units these days. My fat arse would look silly on one:D

But you look silly on any bike mate! :slight_smile:

Probably… but am I bovvered?:stuck_out_tongue:

My wife, house and kids are about to go on e-bay…

Seriously, I’m hooked. I have had no hankering for a new bike before this one. Total MotoGP style sex on two wheels. I want the noise, I want the torque, oh and the full race spec bits as well :slight_smile:

Updated with a video and engine pictures:


Sounds like heaven!

I posted in another thread that I was ambivelant about the looks of this bike…and that I was more concerned about the “sound”…thinking that an Aprilia should SOUND like an Aprilia.

I would like to retract the second part of that statement…that bike sounds FANTASTIC. :w00t:

Heard it will be in the region of 14k

And the rest.