Aprilia RSV 1000R

Anyone got any experience of this Bike.

Thinking of getting one 2006 or newer!

What did you have before, how did it compare etc.




I used to have a 2004 RSVR (same shape) and loved it.

Electrics were ok… but clocks were replaced at 15k. Connector clips on the wiring loom had a tendancy to collect water so required a good dry out and spray with all in one.

Easiest, loudest and most BHP mod was opening the stock cans up (I’ve got a cool how and photos of mine if your interested) and adding a PC3.

Chews rears.

Very comfy… feels huge… and I’m 6’2.


You said used to, what made you get rid of it, and what did you replace it with?

It’s a Vee Twin… Thats all you need to know;):smiley:

cheers guys.

Saw a Brand New one with 150Miles on the clock for £6800

I replaced it with an R1… Purely because a) I had racked up nearly 20k on the aprilia, services were getting more costly it had just had a replacement swing arm fitted free of charge so decided to sell while it was looking shiny and well…and b) had had twins for the last 3 or so years so fancied a change.
I do love the twins though… rc8 will be next purchase.
Before conversion

After conversion

Air box mod

Few of bike

And this is what they sounded like… please look past the shocking intro to the burn out… dear god there was a moment there when I thought I was going to pull away from a packed Bushys tent having failed to spin it up… the shame!! :crying:

Loved it…

I owned one, it’s a superb bike to ride and very reliable too, I only had to replace the freeweel in the starting system and the crappy rear break requires some work to become efficient, that’s it.

I want an RSV!But…I think I’ll hold out and save the pennies up for the V4…

Pure drool inducing lovelyness.

So Chunky…How do you make a V twin even better?

Give it two extra cylinders ;)EDIT: And yes, Chunky, I want the pistons aswell :slight_smile:

Arr yea… forgot to mention… How useless are the rear brakes…!! No matter how much it is bled and how many ways its bled… they never last more than 200 miles… every aprilia board is full of people that complain about the suckiness of the rear brake.

Thats fine as long as they don’t bother with spark plugs;)I know I am biased with my obsession with V2’s but until you ride one (and adjusted your riding style to suit) you just wont understand;)I will guarantee that the majority of people on here who have owned V2’s have loved them with a passion.I have only ever ridden a Honda V4 and as nice and smooth as it was, it was as soul less as an IL4.Without doubt a V2 gives more smiles per your mile:DThe RSV is a stonking machine. If I didnt have my TLR I’d have one tomorrow:cool:Edit: Rear brake?? Wassat then?:wink:

Totally agree… just wished they’d give me the 200 nicker or what ever the rear brake set up costs than supply the useless weight. :slight_smile:

I seem to remember people putting on rear master cylinder and other braking components from Jap bikes on the RSVs to improve the crappy OEM equipment.

With the mahoosive amount of engine braking available, seems a bit of a chore to me;)

Schweeet pics there flloyd, and I think an RSV is definitely on the cards when I look to upgrade, test rode an 07 RR and it was too small and buzzy for me, yes it had loads of power, and great handling and brakes, but when your knees almost at your hands, the bike is too small :slight_smile:

Thats one reason I went for the TL as opposed to the RSV. it felt cramped for my not insubstantial frame. i also hated the stupid back light cluster and tha lack of 2 pipes:D

Oh and the Italian electrics;):smiley:

Ridden the 07 Factory RSV - beautifully poised, beautiful to look at, performs brilliantly.

Yes, get one!!

they got two pipes now :slight_smile:

I know mate, but at the time i bought my TLR new the mille only had the one can:cool: