Aprilia RSV 1000 vs. AC Cobra


Amazing car! Shame the rider was holding him up.

Aye… having been a (real) cobra he wasn’t trying by any stretch… where was that filmed ? Australia??? Driving on the left and quite sunny means Oz or Japan to me unless anyone know’s any different.

How many dials does the car need.

Could also be South Africa, or Morocco…but the roadsigns are Oz I think…

Yeah the car driver hardly changed gear at all, but then the rider wasnt too much cop either… nice roads though…bit of a difference to High St Ken in the rain this morning…

To be fair, there was traffic out there, the rider was being sensible

He may not have been the fastest but I’d like to see others try and go that at that pace on those roads…I think it was a decent pace and done well to get away from the car whether he was trying or not!

Agreed…Safe rider at good speed.

How many videos have you seen on Tube where the rider is using the whole width of the road, like they were at a trackday.

That type of riding will get you one day.

I just wanna go on those roads!
The switch backs, the hairpin about half way through…what a lovely stretch for your morning commute eh!