Aprilia Red Rose 125 - looking for manual

A friend of mine has had a 91 Red Rose sat in his garage for a couple of years now - and decided to sell it for £50. It’s minus an engine following a blow out - but I recon i can get one of those without too much difficulty.

The hard part, how-ever, is finding the manual for the bike. I’ve basically got nill experience with motors, but I wanted to take it on anyway and learn by doing - so the manual’s pretty essential.

I’ve been looking around on the web and ebay and such, and I’ve not managed to find one anywhere - but would i be able to use a manual from a similar bike from the same year - for example the 91 RS125?

Hello and welcome to LB.

There are loads of Priller manuals available for free download on the net:cool:

I’ve been looking around, and I’ve gotta say that I’ve not found them yet.

I had a word with the previous owner, basically he’s said big end/little end bearings are shot and possibly the internal piston rings. He also said the engine needs a complete internal clean up, tank respray and new gasket set. Then obviously fuel and oil etc.

I had a word with the guy next door who’s a mechanic and he’s said it might be cheaper to simply buy a working engine for the bike, and I know that SMC have quoted £500 for parts and labour for a rebuild - obviously between my and my neighbour we could rebuild if we have parts. I’m a little sceptical about rebuilding because the engine was stripped by a 3rd party, so I don’t even know what really needs fixing or if there’s anything missing.

I’m waiting for reality to tell me this was too big a job for a beginner :smiley:

Of course it’s too big a job for a beginner, so stop fannying around and get on with it.

If you do it you’ll be well up on most of the UK bikers who can’t even change their own oil or a clutch cable. (Obviously not London bikers.)

See if you can find a manual for a similar APRILIA engine of much the same size and vintage. You pretty much want it just for pictures, torque wrench settings and clearances and these tend not to vary too much between similar motors and aint critical unless your going to thrash the ****s off it.

Alternatives: Find a complete motor in a breakers. Or find a nice, similar motor from another make, cut some adaptor plates and build a special.

Given the arm and two legs that Aprilia want for spares (yup, I own one) I’d look for a whole motor in running order.

“Of course it’s too big a job for a beginner, so stop fannying around and get on with it”

Love this attitude Old Guy, carry on with the priceless advice!!:slight_smile:

Thought I’d have an idle punt around to see if I could find you a manual.

Knew nothing about the bike but the pictures of it look great in a kind of retro cruiser way. A sort of 20 year old 125 Varadero.

Then I came across this review on one site:

*Overall Rating: No stars.

This is probably the worst built and dangerous bike I have ever encountered. Dont trust the engine over 8 thousand revs in 6th gear…KAA-BOOOOOOOOOMM…BIG bada boom. 1 seized engine. Dont slam the brakes on hard either or there just give way and the fluid will just come pouring out!*

Are you sure you still want to do this?