Aprilia back to WSB in 2007

Here is a tasty bit of info from the March '06 Cycleworld Magazine

"Aprilia CEO Leo Mercanti has confirmed that his company will return to World Superbike in 2007 with an ALL NEW MODEL. ““based on previous racing experience””. Could this mean conversion of the three-cylinder MotoGP engine into a production unit? Mercanti says NO.

The ““highly sophisticated”” bike will be powered by a 90-degree 1000cc V-Four currently in development. A new generation of 90-degree V-Twins is also under consideration, with displacements ranging from 850 to 1200cc to replace the current 60-degree V-Twin

Further news indicates chances are good that the 77-degree V-Twin that powers the SXV and RXV might give life to an ultra lightweight sportbike

The Ampelio Macchi-conceived engine could also serve as the starting point for the aforementioned 1000cc V-Four.

Yep it does say March 06. Apparently its no typo.

Hrmmm, 1000cc V4… I like it! I wanna see, hear and touch it! Shame they couldn’t have done it sooner.

Sounds interesting and very exciting.

But March 06 issue? Are they having a laugh? Do they publish every 4 weeks?


So, if they don’t get some kind of special dispensation from the homologation rules, they need to have produced around 150 of these bikes by next Feb (06).

Look out for it in the Autumn shows then!

Oh yes, just like Fogarty !

I just love those FP1’s, although they are as common as bloody pizza bikes around here . . . . .