Apprentice Motorcycle technician training ?

Hi all,

I am a newbie to the UK & this forum and need help please…

Does anyone know where I can get training to be a motorcycle technician. I would ideally like an apprenticeship so that I can earn while I learn, but I am not a teenager anymore so I am stuggling to find information for adult apprenticeships. Most companies seem to want 18 to 24 year olds.

(I have already sent my details to Honda to add to their database but they don’t have anything in my area at present -South East London)

If I can’t find an apprenticeship I am willing to pay for the courses needed to qualify at a London college etc.

Does anyone know of a college or place (website if possible) in London that offers these courses?

Thanx so much!!

Welcome. They run one at Merton college at the engineering department. Tobi-1-kenobi is on the course I believe, pm him.

Yeah I’m on the course there too - it’s £400 a term but worth every single penny, it’s also just in the evenings so you can train whilst you keep down another job. We’ve just coughed up another £130 for the intermediate course and I’ll be paying another £400 in September for the advanced course.

You wont get an apprenticeship in this country if you’re over 24 - simple reason for this - Modern Apprenticeships are supported by government funding - but ONLY if you’re under 24 - so no companies want to know if you’re too old… I did mine back when I was 16 in aerospace engineering and GE got 1/2 my salary paid by the government.

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Thanx for the info guys…you have been a great help!

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