Apple iPhone X - 64GB - Space Grey (Unlocked) Minor cosmetic crack on back glass

I have this phone for sale. I bought it off a friend because someone at work wanted it so I was the middle man. Thought of my self as a wheeler dealer. But as per f***ing usual it wasn’t plane sailing. It has a minor crack on the rear so my colleague doesn’t want it. My friend didn’t declare the crack because it’s always been in an Apple case. I don’t want to give it back to her because she’s whining about her boyfriend now and I’d have to spend 2 hours listening to that just to get the cash back and it’s not worth going through that again. Not for all the tea in China.

I paid £500. You can have it for £500 cash (or maybe bank transfer if you are known to me) and to hell with Ebay. Any inspection welcome. I live in SW6 now next to Stanford bridge. If you are reasonably local, like within 100 miles of London I can even deliver in my immaculate Volvo so long as you agree not to whine about your significant other for 2 hours before the transaction.

Here is the ebay link.

Great ad - I almost feel like buying it just because you made me laugh so much.

Sadly, 64 is just too small, my ageing iPhone 6 is 128GB and if anything I need to increase, not reduce, the storage.

Good luck with the sale.