Apple iPad ...

Okay, so Apple have just blessed us with their latest offering, but what were they thinking in the naming department? …

The Apple iPad: “Much more intimate than a laptop and more capable than a smart phone,” said Steve Jobs. :smiley:

The size of a laptop with the featureset of a phone.

The practicality of a chocolate fireguard

dont see the point to be honest… :ermm: too big to use on the move… to small to be of any use at home.

Handy as a sofa surfer instead of a netbook, and seems to be priced as such.

Lots of potential for expansion with the OS too (like adding multi-tasking functionality).

Hmm, sounds great!

Scarily… my boss just forwarded that on to me just now… :w00t:

hang on a sec… are you telling us that this isn’t a **** take? :w00t:

It’s quite a shame that what used to be known as ‘basic features’ are now regarded as ‘expansion’.

The iPad - watch more funny videos

LMAO! :smiley:


Want one, will pre-order asap :slight_smile:

The cost of a data plan has put me off. It would be **** with just wifi.
I already have a data plan for my phone, I don’t want another :frowning:

I’d wait until the second generation at least.

But then there have been PC versions for a while, so it will be another killer seller for Apple as it is style over substance a long with the marketing hype of Apple.

Hang on, no multitasking?!!?

My phone does multi tasking ffs!

I agree with Kevsta on style and hype. Can’t wait till Asus or the like bring out a proper rival product.

Like the touchbook?


also my macbook is about the same size - I don’t really see the point at this current space in time.

Imagine the apps for it - they would be ridiculous!!

This… except for the waiting for the 2nd gen bit
It’s an utterly pointless bauble for the likes of those that wear unfeasibly bright-coloured spectacles.

Big Red S… Thanks for the link, I think this is a step in the right direction! This thing doesnt oos as we inished and the build quaity isnt astounding. Nice that it can run android, ubuntu, ChromeOS and others though!