Apostrophes replaced with "\u0027m" in thread titles

Apostrpohies are being replaced with \u0027 in the Latest Posts section

and…I CAN’T DELETE THIS CRAP BELOW!!! When I edit this post, teh text below isn’t even in there!

Yeah, sorry about this guys. It’s been noted.

Support has been a bit slow forthcoming from the forum authors.

Speaking of apostrophes, I seem to be gaining loads on the little title doobah thingy. Anyone know what’s going on there?

Getting a bit crazy now. Didn’t realise apostrophes multiplied on their own so easily. So is it only me that can see that?

nah, can see that too

It’s not only you. It looks like there’s some bad escaping somewhere which is inserting extraneous apostrophe’s in that field. This kind of thing is actually quite a common attack vector, a possible security hole somewhere in the forum code…

next to the password being saved in a clear text format in the DB, unless that has been rectified by now :Whistling:

There are even more of them now.

Mods? Any ideas why this happens? I remember it happening with Smiled’s thingy as well a few months back.

buggy code, incorrect/faulty escaping :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for sorting it out Schmidt & smiled.